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Ah, what memories of my first days in Second Life exploring then a brave new virtual world and the fun of creating my first Avatar! Even now it is a daunting task creating an Avatar to your own taste with the fun of finding right skin, body shape, hair and cloths!

Myself I finally figured out that the best way do develop my Avatar to what is was today was to do it slowly and develop it in such a way that I liked it not because someone else thought what might looked good. I would give advice to any noobie within Second Life to do the same because you always end up with an Avatar you like and others like.

Now I digress getting back to the point the picture below shows my first real Avatar within Second Life which as not a bad attempt considering I used the tools available then some 4 to 5 years ago to create the Avatar. It was the first thing I did when I go into Second Life before I explored. What amazed me most people who saw it liked it!

So here is my first Second Life Avatar:

Luther in the Early Days

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