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We recently changed to BT Infinity 2 here at home so it meant we were sent a brand new BT Home Hub 5 which was meant to be the best and their latest router or as they said in the television adverts.

But once installed we found it no different to previous BT Home Hub 4 bar it now it has 4 much needed Gigabyte Network ports and very questionable two band broadband which contrary to what BT claim gives no improvement to wireless range from the previous hubs!

This is definitely another case of a ISP claiming much more about their router they provide actually does when it is used in a real home situation. Unfortunately this is a far too common thing nowadays as BT are not only one who are doing the same as all ISP’s here in United Kingdom are talking up their routers in the hope we buy their broadband.

They get away with it mainly because most users of broadband really know no better it is only few users like myself who are little more computer aware who will notice just how poor the routers really are.

Though as a wired router the BT Home Hub 5 is better than it’s previous incarnations which is lucky as here I run a small server and my partner plays World of Warcraft both connected to via Ethernet cables connected to the giga ports on the router. So not all bad with the hub just a shame about the wireless.

But in the end the BT Home Hub 5 is free if you have BT Broadband and it is still better than the rest but I’d not recommend buying it as it certainly not worth the price BT charge for such hubs which can be over £90!

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