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With all that is going on here in the United Kingdom with Brexit it is dark and depressing times but out of it there is some light. It has got my creative thoughts going again as it gives me a wonderful inspiration for a World of Darkness Role-Playing Chronicle which will make a statement of our times and exercise the demons the current situation is causing me.

Brexit has highlighted the darker side of our modern society as society which is obsessed with money, possessions, fame and conformity all countered balance by a scientific community which has made massive steps forward with the discovery of exoplanets and the possibility of multiple Universes. All this heady mixture makes wonderful background for a World of Darkness Role-Playing Chronicle because of the conflict between a world spiralling into an Orwellian future which a population who are blinded by targeted propaganda and a scientific community opening up Universes and questioning the very nature of reality itself.

I intend to use this in a future World of Darkness Chronicle either based on White Wolf’s Mage: The Ascension Role-Playing Game though with some modifications to the background to fit the current situation though I will have to find players who are capable of understanding the Chronicles Political themes and background without being offended by it. Some of the Chronicle’s themes will be very dark indeed and touch possible genocide and social alienation of people because of their sexual orientation and political views.

I feel I need to run this Chronicle some as I need to exercise the demons and worries of the situation here in the United Kingdom and create something positive from a very negative situation. Though it will take a lot of work to create the Chronicle and it background especially now I am fighting the despair caused by the tumour and Chemotherapy.

Add to this it will also be good way to get back into running Role-Playing games again with a bang and get back to creating interesting stories which enthral people and get them wanting to play my Chronicles again.

Basically I need to create some light out of these dark times so I can keep myself sane and focused on creating a new brighter life for myself.

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