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As we all know Microsoft is about to end the support for Windows xp and as we have been told again and again means that windows xp is not going to be as secure because there will be no more security updates.

But this is only word of true anyone has been saying about the whole demise of Windows xp the rest of what is being said is basically a lot of lies, half truths and scare stories put about by those who want to sell you something or out of sheer ignorance.

It annoys me as the vultures circle around the Windows xp users trying to woo or scare them into buying their products rather than give them the advice they actually need to make an informed choice of what to do next.

There is one major flaw in these people arguments that Windows xp will not be secure after Microsoft redraw their support, would hold out if the current versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems were secure themselves even with constant updates. But the truth is even with the constant updates and up to date security software not one of the Microsoft Windows operating systems are that secure.

Myself from personal experience on a Tech Desk we now see far more post Windows xp computers than actual Windows xp computers which have been infected with viruses and malware regardless of the claim of Microsoft that their newer operating systems are more secure, it is simply not true.

The other lie that is going around it is cheaper and easier for a Microsoft Windows xp user to upgrade to Windows 8 than other operating systems which frankly is not true. In truth it is going to be as difficult either way for the Microsoft Windows xp user to upgrade up to new operating system full stop.

Either way a Windows xp user is going to have problems with any software they used on their old system in so much either way they are going to have to invest in new software to run on their new computers whatever route they take. Something forgotten by those who are claiming the Microsoft Windows 8 route is easiest way to upgrade as in the case of Microsoft Office this is not a cheap option which can certainly add to the costs of upgrading. Basically they want to gloss over such matters until they have the poor Windows xp in the process of actually upgrading.

Strangely mostly because of need of computers of all types to interchange data more easily the least problem the Windows xp user will have is transferring their data to the new computer.

Though if the Linux route is taken by Windows xp user it has one advantage in so much they can use their existing hardware and Open Source software so in the end, with some help, is the cheapest route to go. There is a bonus in the long term as it will also save the windows xp user more money and they end up with a more secure system.

As for staying with windows xp to be frank considering the major security issues the later versions of Microsoft Windows currently suffer, something Microsoft and it’s retailers play down, frankly currently it is no worse than upgrading to newer version of Windows. Though one thing windows xp users will have to contend with is newer software running on their computers simply not working as developers use newer features within the Windows Operating system itself. In the end it will be this which is more highly likely force the Windows xp user to upgrade.

In conclusion, contrary to the propaganda by Microsoft and those who sell Microsoft products, regardless if the Windows xp user decides to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8, Apple or even Linux all are going to be as difficult as each other for different reasons.

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At work today I had the misfortune to try to set up customer computers running Microsoft Windows 8 something I did with little success mainly because I really could not get on with the new desktop after using older Windows and various Linux Distributions.

I could not get on with Windows 8 desktop as it simply is not usable, intuitive or even remotely friendly to use if you want to do anything closely linked to maintenance of your computer. Those of us who have used Windows in the past know that to keep a Windows Computer running at it’s best you need to constantly maintain the operating system to keep it running at it’s optimum speed.

Don’t get me wrong Windows 8 is great for using the computer but that is assuming you did not want to do anything remotely cleaver or to do with maintenance. Then Windows 8 shows it’s greatest weakness in so much it is a confusing to use to a point it is almost impossible to navigate around the computer other than doing a search which frankly an arse about tit way to navigate around a computer operating system. It at this point you discover just what a real pain a lack of a real menu system is on the new Windows operating system.

In the for me and a lot others Windows 8 is not a pleasure to use as the previous windows but a chore and if any thing so user unfriendly myself and other simply cannot be bothered or want to buy machines loaded with Windows 8.

If anything in effort to produce a cleaver, innovative looking operating system in Windows 8 all Microsoft have done is produced an operating system which makes computing and computer use a chore not the fun it should be!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.