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Once again Mr Cameron and the Conservatives here in United Kingdom on a moral crusade against porn on the internet affecting children here with almost a religious zeal regardless of the fact that a lot of parents here in United Kingdom are very remiss of not knowing where and what their children are actually doing on the internet!

Now you would think this is the biggest problem we have on the internet here in United Kingdom all this evil porn on the internet but it is not a far bigger problem simply ignored both by the government and Police here is the currently criminal activity on the internet via virus, malware and even scare ware which are fleecing British public of ever increasing amount of money every year!

Add to this further telephone scams and now latest data encryption scam the problem is getting worse especially over the last year and in all this what exactly are the Conservative lead Government lead by Mr Cameron and Police doing about it?

The answer is absolutely nothing tangible about them except the Police and banks making the right noises but nothing to actually apprehend the criminal organisations involved in these scams but get on a moral crusade about pornography!

My personal view is pornography is not real problem on internet the government should not be dealing with as the blame lays squarely on parents who fail to watch their children on the internet so education of the parents will be far more effective than wasting our money on ineffective family controls.

The better use of our tax money and government/Police’s time in actually steaming the rise of criminal activity on the internet, not hackers but real criminals, and turn back the tide of their activity there before it inevitability damage the public’s and business’s confidence in the internet.

As I said pornography is not real problem of the internet but the rise of criminal activity there which if not steamed soon will damage the internet integrity and usefulness as a place of business as after all why would you do business somewhere where it is not safe!

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The current United Kingdom Coalition Government has this good idea that they should give local rural councils money to improve their local Broadband infrastructure so people in rural areas had broadband speeds as fast as urban areas.

This was a wonderful idea and the government started to put tenders out and some were accepted and work started but the problem is nothing has happened in over year people in the rural areas have not seen an improvement in their broadband speeds!

Simply put between both the United Kingdom Government and British Telecom have ripped out the tax payer in such a grand way the money has been spent and absolutely nothing has been done. Not all British Telecom’s fault after all they are commercial company but it’s looks like once again the government has failed to manage the whole process almost to a point of criminal incompetence!

This is yet another recent information technology failure of the United Kingdom Government the other one being the computer system which calculates the new joint Benefit which replaces the likes of Income Support and Tax Credits which has also failed to work correctly from the start. Once again for exactly the same reason because the United Kingdom failed to correctly manage it’s development once again.

I must not only one who starts to wonder if both the United Kingdom Government and the Civil Service which supports it are really component in this modern computerized world to manage computer project even up to the job any more in this modern world.

In my view if it high time the Civil Service and Government Systems of the United Kingdom were overhauled and modernized to cope with the modern computerized world as frankly at the moment it cannot and wasting millions of tax payers moneys in constant series of monumental failures which the country cannot afford at the moment!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.