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It still makes me laugh that people still believe in power of Corporate speak on others believing it actually inspires people to do better.

It may because I am cynical nowadays but it sounds so hollow to me in our modern world especially it is a part of a modern Western Capitalism which has grown tired and ineffective.

People who still use it have not noticed that a growing number of people around them do not believe in the very establishment the corporations are part of any more.

Personally I have to try to not laugh at them as unlike the people who use it I look forward to a better more open world where people treat people as people not as cogs in a faceless meaningless corporation.

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It getting to a point that I am definitely starting to believe our Western form of Capitalism simply does not work in so much it does not support free markets, innovation or allows both technology or society to move forward.

It is wholly geared to maintain the wealth of a elite few at the expense of 99% even itself that is it is a self destructive system which is doomed to fail in a spectacular way some time soon.

Worse of all it puts up a show of smoke and mirrors to fool everyone it is benefiting everyone, society even the economy and people fall for it every day regardless of the fact with little digging they soon realise things are falling apart around them.

It is not that I am against capitalism as when it is done right, fairly with real morality and real honesty it can benefit everyone not the few plus it can encourage growth and innovation both in society and technology.

But when you allow immorality, dishonesty and greed into capitalism you end up with something which will destroy the very thing it’s trying to build. The thing is the 1% may get richer but their short-sightedness and greed will eventually lead to their own destruction and leave them even less than 99% they oppressed as they cannot eat their money in a world where it has lost it meaning.

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The Joke of Western Capitalism!

Posted: 20 September, 2016 in Capitalism, Comment, Life

An article about Apple got me thinking what is just wrong with Western Capitalism in so much it benefits the few at the expense of the many being the major one.

The other being Western Capitalism believes big is beautiful to a point it stifles the smaller enterprises even eats them up before they can reach their full potential. So what we are left with is a Capitalist society run by few big corporations with few real choices of what we buy and little or no innovation or even risk.

It time those who do business in the Western Capitalism wake up before it too late as if things keep on as they are their own system will collapse under the wait of stagnation and apathy.

It would be a good idea if they took heed of the Roman Empire which collapsed because they stopped moving forward socially, culturally and technological wise. It simply got too comfortable, took no ricks and stopped moving forward.

We in the West should be mindful not to fall into the same trap as the Roman Empire as even the West cannot live for ever but it would have a better change if it changed, innovates and looks forward.

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I think after a unthinking remark from someone who really should of known better the reminded me that those who have been blinded by media or too apathetic to care need reminding of a basic simple fact. On top of this the Capitalists of the West also need reminding.

The simple fact missed by most people even those within the Corporations themselves which is Corporations need people more than people need them even in this modern world.

After all the simple truth without people who would buy their goods who would work for them.

Some people will say this is a very simplistic view of the world but usually the most simple definitions of the world are the closest to the real truth. The world is not really complex place and it is only made more complex by people who insist looking for things which are simply not there.

The real fact is we all have the choice to work for these Corporations and if we are brave enough we can make a living outside of these Corporations using alternative methods. After all with the expansion of the internet and rise of instant communication we will need the Corporations less and less to buy stuff or even make a living. People now can go back to running smaller businesses using internet to advertise and sell their wares.

If used right the internet will allow real small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive once again and allow people the real choice of how they make a living freeing them from the need for the Corporations to buy their goods and make living.

Those who have actually being paying attention to the Music Industry over recent years would of notices a subtle change how bands release and promote their music in so much they use the major Music Corporations less and less. New bands now tend to use the internet to promote themselves and smaller music companies who now tend to promote rather than actually create the records. All helped by the fact that software and equipment needed to produce a record is now within the normal persons price bracket so they can produce records at home. Hence bands really do not need the big Music Corporations any more to create and promote their music hence the Music Corporations importance is slipping now and they are slowly fading into obscurity.

Myself I have not made this jump yet into the future as in the end I have like most people been warn down by these Corporations and Capitalists to a point I am too afraid of the unknown regardless of the fact I know I need to change and I know the world around us is going through a subtle change which will rock our society to it’s foundations!

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After recent evens economically world wide it has become very apparent to myself and others, especially in the west, that our economic system in it’s current form simply does not work. Even if the world recovers back to it’s previous state before the credit crunch without a change of way things are done it will just be a matter of time when the world slips back into a state of depression again.

After all the world suffered similar depression in the 1980s which was followed by the boom in the 1990s and 2000s built on credit not real economic growth which certainly caused the credit crunch as banks leant money to people and companies who simply could not pay it back.

Now as we slowly see the world climb out of the same situation now all I see is exactly the same mistakes being made by those people in power, especially in Banks, who caused all the problems in the first place. Through the whole sorry affair these people have not suffered and kept their positions regardless of the fact it was their incompetence and greed which caused the problems themselves.

It is high time we as a people in the United Kingdom and beyond started to demand a change in the way our economies are run and managed as rather than trusting the existing capitalists and politicians again who made mistakes in the first place to remove them and replace them with people who put people first before profit.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing capitalism but I do have a problems with our Capitalists in the west who have put profit before both their own workers and customers who live opulent lives off the backs of hard working people in their ivory towers. These people so stupid and blinkered they cut cost and wages at the expense of the quality of the goods and their workers lives then they moan about the fact their businesses are not making enough profit.

All I can say to them it is their own fault as they have sown the seed of their destruction as by paying their own workers poor wages they don’t have any free cash to buy their products but most of the current crop of Capitalist are far too stupid to even understand this simple fact. So the next time some Capitalist moans about reduction of profits just remember they are directly responsible for this because they put profit before a living wage of their workers!

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