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The one thing I have found totally pointless in the past and in the upcoming European Parliament Elections here in the United Kingdom is the fact that Anti-EU and Brexiteer candidates actually take part in the very elections they want to get rid of as an independent United Kingdom.

I have always found this a hypercritical thing to do after all these people want to get rid of the European Parliament power in the United Kingdom not support not by becoming part of the problem they perceive EU. Even the excuse they give that they are becoming part of the European Parliament so they can speed up the process of Brexit which frankly is most pathetic excuse I have ever heard.

Though from past experience of UKIP MEPs in the European Parliament they managed to do nothing effective to speed up Brexit other than greatly annoy our fellow Europeans by accusing them of various anti-British sentiment and acting as a bunch of criminals. That is when they actually turn up for work in the European Parliament as Nigel Farage being worse example of Brexit MEP who really attended but fiddled the system to get expenses he and his party were not entitled to.

As it is now highly likely we as a country are going to stay as part of the EU because of the shambles the Brexiteers and the right have made of Brexit itself because of their own stupidity, criminality and incompetence by voting the said people into the European Parliament is an exercise in the pointless. After all just how are these MEPs going to serve the interests of the United Kingdom in Europe?

By voting in Anti-EU and Brexiteer MEPs you re effectively removing any real influence we have in the European Parliament as on past performance such MEPs are lazy, unrepresentative of the constituents they represent and not above claiming expenses from the EU which they are not entitled too.

My personal comment, which will not be heeded they the Brexiteer and Anti-EU out there, is to vote in MEPs who will actually represent the needs of the constituents they represent as in the end they will have a far greater influence on the EU than the Anti-EU and Brexit MEPs who will be a total waste of time largely ignored by out fellow EU members.

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