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After over decades of people in general informing both the retail and other businesses that they do not like salesman and the associated pressure sales associated with them these companies still insist using Salesman to sell things to them who use the same tired ways to sale things to people.

I don’t think I am not only member of the general public who are fed up of dealing with Salesman when we want to buy something from a major Store or Business who tend to be too pushy to sell what the business want to sell rather than actually listen and advise me what I need.

My personal view is that Salesman in traditional sense have never been very effective and if anything they have always hindered businesses potentials but because businesses have always been run by those who lack real imagination and who always fall back onto things they know, e.g. traditional.

It would be nice to go into a major store or deal with business and met with someone who dealt with me on a personal level as a valued customer not as yet another punter to get as much money out of. Strangely I might be happier to go back to the business and buy more as one thing that really puts me off dealing with major store or business is blatant hard selling as it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth and feeling of being take for a ride by the company in question.

In conclusion it is long overdue that the traditional Salesman should be consigned to the trash to be replaced by people who sell on a much more personal level and actually listen to what I want not what the business wants to sell!

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