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2013: A Year of Missed Opportunities!

Posted: 25 December, 2013 in 2013, Comment, Life

The year 2013 was a year which started with such promise of a year of change but in the end all the momentum of change at the start of the year just died out under the crushing oppressiveness of the apathy of the Western Cultures and peoples.

In the end because of this apathy 2013 just turned out the same as previous years uneventful and nothing really chanced the world is still in an economic crisis though with hope things will get better but the fundamental problems which caused it in the first place are still their so the recovery will once again be a fragile as last time this happened.

Add to this a Western cultures and people who have made the right noises about the fact that companies and governments are restricting even removing their rights both at home and at work but once again this year they have done nothing about it. Much like years before they wallow in the problems the economic crisis has caused them but not actually do anything to change things.

All very well to sit there and moan but if are so apathetic not to do anything to change things nothing is going to chance and Western Societies will continue to go through the cycle of boom followed by recession ad infinitum!

Am I optimistic that 2014 will be any different?

No, until people both here in United Kingdom and the people of United States actually get up and do something about what is going wrong in their economies and governments nothing will change!

But people are still far too concerned with trivial matters of life which strikes me people are focusing on such things to avoid the much needed hard questions and work to change things for the better for themselves and everyone else.

All this makes me very sad and very angry with people around me but I will still do my bit next year and express my views and opinions here in faint hope someone even listens or thinks for themselves!

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