Religion: The Master of Madness!

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I am watching a documentary on television about Lebanon which even now still troubled by sectarian troubles between the two major Muslim Sects which is reflected all over the Middle East in various wars across the region.

Myself I think it is total madness as these people are fighting over a belief which is may or may not be real rather than something more tangible like freedom and self determination. I really do not understand how someone can kill and hate someone just because they believe in something else or in this case they believe in the same god but in a different way.

I understand more if they were fighting over food, rights even territory as they are real but to fight over something intangible is total madness especially when the said same people commit atrocities in the name of their beliefs as it total madness and inhuman!

All it does is enforce my view that religion now does more harm than good to the world in general or to be more exact certain religions do. This all made worse the religions in question claim to promote peace, tolerance and the such.

What makes their positions and actions worse is that there are other religions around the world who do not follow the same path and they can live peacefully with other religions and cultures peacefully. Plus here in the United Kingdom the said same religions in question leave peacefully even with their various sub-sects and tolerate each others beliefs.

The said religions being Christians, Jews and Muslims who strangely believe in the same God who in one country can live in peace but in others they spread a madness which kills people in such pointless ways and cruelty.

Then they wonder why sometimes Agnostics and Atheists have such negative view of these religions as such actions make them look so insane and inhuman to anyone who looks from the outside!

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Does Religion Mean You Have to Lose Your Sense of Humour?

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It has struck me that a large majority of people who find religion, especially Christianity and Islam, lose their sense of humour and even worse a real perspective of life and people around them. It is as if the finding their religion it pushes out their sense of humour.

I say this as if you dare to poke fun, especially a Christian and Muslim, they fail to see the funny side of the remark and seam to perceive it as an attack on both their personal belief or religion itself. I am talking of those remarks which poke fun at them not those remarks which are blatantly meant to be offensive and hurtful.

But they are always the first to make fun of anyone who does not believe in their religion even be blatantly offensive and derogatory to these people. I have always found this a real failing in such people and an insecurity in their own believe, e.g. they are trying too hard to believe. After all a true believer would see the funny side of such remarks and shrug off the offensive remarks.

Though what I have just said does not apply to all religions but those based within the West as Eastern cultures seam to have a far more relaxed and even more mature reaction to someone poking fun at their religions.

Myself being an Agnostic Atheist living here in the United Kingdom enjoy very little remarks be they good or bad so I count my small blessings here.

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