A Thought About Some Americans and Their Guns!


You have to start and wonder about the mentality of some people who live in a democracy who believe they need a gun to defend themselves against a government that they voted into power themselves!

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Question Over the Special Relationship!

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I must not be only one here in the United Kingdom who is starting to question the special relationship our government has with United States government after recent events which include United States spying our European cousins their so called allies and their attempted military action in Syria.

My view if is high time the United Kingdom government brake the special relationship with United States as now it is starting to damage our already good name internationally because of it’s own actions which are damaging the United States international standing badly and mud sticks!

Frankly it is time the United Kingdom stopped looking west towards the United States but South to Europe where we can once again gain our true identity as a European Country. For too long the United States has attempted to stamp it’s culture and morals on our country and we should once again become a major player in Europe where a lot of our culture and history is based.

In conclusion it is time we here in the United Kingdom distance ourselves from United States as we need to as part of process to move this country forward to a brighter future and better image internationally!

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We are Here Again, All for Love of a Gun!

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Once again we are here again just wondering why does the United States allow it’s citizens easy access to guns after yet another tragedy of a shooting this time at after a Connecticut school shooting left 27 dead, including 20 children some under 10 years old.

People like myself both in United Kingdom and beyond in the rest of the so called civilized world end up just wondering why the United States and it’s citizens allow this state of affairs to even exist in the first place which allowed someone to buy a gun and ammunition unchecked then them to walk into a school and shoot people once again unchecked.

In the end some people in United States are going have to do some hard thinking is the love of the gun really worth the death of innocents?

It’s not as if the recent shooting at the Connecticut School is an isolated incident but yet another mass killing on United States soil and it is the third such incident this year alone. The other two being the Batman Premier in New York and Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.

Then all we get from some citizens of United States is long tirade of arguments that they have the right to carry guns because they need it to defend themselves and families from armed criminals, the government and so on. The best argument being well if we could carry the gun all the time we could of stopped the shooting in the first place.

None of this in the end justifies the loss of innocent lives because of the gun and in the background of the problems with medical changes made by President Obama it gives the impression that the United States and some of it’s citizens are more interested in keeping the gun than keeping people alive and healthy.

In the end it is time that the United States and it’s citizens took responsibility for their actions rather than hiding behind empty arguments to keep the gun and actually do something about what is happening as it is going to happen again if nothing is done sooner than later.

As I said to people like myself outside of United States it looks like the United States put more value on the right to bare arms than the health of their fellow citizens!

Is the United States a Democratic State?

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This has to be asked as the great influence the United States has had and still has on the World in general especially in the West. Add to this it has always set itself has the protector of the free people of the world fighting against those who are oppressed by governments or dictators and spreading democracy to the people with such fervour.

Then you carefully look at what the United States calls a Representative Democratic system from the outside, it looks very flawed and far from a true democratic system if anything it is a democratic system in which money not policies win the elections. Add to this the blatant way major Corporations and rich elite of American Society manipulate the electoral system to their own ends making a whole mockery of the democratic system from top down!

The first major flaw in the United States Democracy is the fact there are only two major political parties, excluding Independents, which is further maintained by way the whole political system is geared to these two parties to a point no other political parties can thrive. Every other Representative Democracy, including Canada and the United Kingdom, have more than two political parties and have political systems which allow multiple political parties to exist even extreme in their views because the Democracies embody the true ideals of political freedom.

The second major flaw in the United States Democracy is the fact that spending of the two political parties is not limited during an election which once again open doors to influence of the Corporations and the elite of America to determine the outcome of the elections rather than the candidates and political parties themselves. Elections in the United States, especially the Presidential Elections, are now not fought on policies or even politics but on who can gather the most backing from the major corporations and the elite of America. Every other Representative Democracy in the world have laws in place to make sure political parties and elections are fair and fought on policies not on who is the richest. Here in the United Kingdom we put such laws in place some 100 years ago because of open manipulation by Nobility in the political system which maintained their power beyond it time here in the United Kingdom.

The third major flaw in the United States Democracy is the use of voting machines which are maintained by a small number of Corporations who are also responsible for counting the votes themselves. This once again leaves the American Electoral system open to direct manipulation by major corporations and the elite of America. Every other Representative democracy uses paper votes with volunteers counting the papers as it has always been the most fairest and safest method to ensure a fair and clean election free from outside influence from both corporations and rich individuals.

The final major flaw in the United States Democracy is that is no one body which oversees all it electoral process from local to national level. Every other Representative Democracy, including the United Kingdom, has one official body which has the legal power to make sure elections are run fairly, political parties are funded openly and transparently, monies use by political parties during elections is audited and follows the rules. A country which runs elections without such a body overseeing all elections it beings into question the integrity and safety of the electoral process in to question.

All these major flaws in United States Democracy beings it whole system into question, it’s integrity, it’s fairness and impartiality. It leaves the whole system open to major manipulation and abuse by Corporations and the elite of America which everyone outside of the United States knows has happened. Most importantly it has lead to a democracy which does not represent the people but a democracy which puts Corporations and the elite of America first.

The most sad thing is that most Americans, especially Republicans, are very happy with this system heavily influenced by a Corporate run Media who blatantly manipulate them and their view of the world. People from outside of the United States can see this happening and tell these Americans it is happening to be met by a people who stick their heads in the sand and still believe in the American Dream. They answer with the usual rhetoric drilled into from birth by their society that United States is the greatest country and democracy in the world and the world should be grateful to the United States for saving the world from evil of Islam and Communism.

All this sounds so hollow as both within and outside of the United States can see what is happening to the American Dream and Ideals which were instilled into the fledgling United States after it won it’s independence from the United Kingdom. This to now be replaced by a Democracy and an American Dream which is so flawed which works for the corporations and the rich rather than the people as it was meant to be.

In conclusion I don’t see United States as a true Representative Democracy any more but now a corporate run state with a people who frankly too lost in a media full of propaganda from the said corporations and individuals bent on personal power at the expense of peoples freedoms. There are those who are starting to realised what is going but their voices are being lost in cacophony of the corporate media output.

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A Matter of Security or an Overreaction?

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Since the 9/11 terrorist attack on America the whole world may have been shocked by the attack but now are totally mystified by both the American Government and people reaction to the terrorist attack itself!

It made even more mystifying by the fact it was not the first terrorist attack on American soil because of their active Right Wing Militia groups in the United States itself who have been above bombing FBI buildings in the past!

I don’t think that anyone argues with the fact that security needed to be increased especially in United States who had got very lax about terrorists in general. Here in United Kingdom our government has to be ever vigilant to Terrorists because of the troubles in Northern Ireland so our security forces here are already geared up to finding and dealing with active Terrorists in the United Kingdom. It is a sad fact that the troubles in Northern Ireland are not over but greatly reduced but there are still a number of Terrorist groups active there which include the Real I.R.A.

So here the Muslim Terrorists are yet another group of a long list of Terrorists groups both ourselves and our government here in the United Kingdom have had to cope with so much like the rest of Europe we now take it in our stride and choose not to allow the Terrorists dominate and disrupt our lives as it is only way to deal with the Terrorists as it robs them of their aim to spread terror!

But the perception of people like myself of America’s reaction to Terrorists is that of an overreaction to their attack which has allowed the Terrorist to win as now they don’t actually have to attack America but threaten to attack America to get the same reaction from America!

In mine and other opinions is that both the American Government and People have allowed the Terrorist to win by their reaction to the terrorists both politically and through it’s media. The only reaction which was needed was for the government in United States to increase it’s security and vigilance against the Terrorist.

But what has actually happened in United States is an overreaction as allowing a government to take peoples freedom in name of security and allowing the rise of Extreme Right-Wing Christian Parties within both the media and political circles will lead to worse place than the threat of the terrorists!

Add to this it is denting the good reputation United States had in the world as the protector of the free world as after all who is going to trust the freedom of the world to a Government who currently stripping it’s peoples of basic rights and a country whose politics is becoming extreme to the Right Wing.

I think the American people should step back and really look at what their country is becoming as from where I stand it is becoming exactly the same as the countries where the terrorists come from that is countries which suppress it citizens freedom and practice religious intolerance!

If America keeps on it’s present course it will lose support and respect of the Western World especially Europe as here we know where such actions lead and we are still very sensitive and guilty about the results of our actions because we once followed the same path.

On a personal note the saddest thing is that some people will read this and not want to get what I am saying as they have allowed their fear to rule their lives. I’ve lived most of my life in fear of life itself and it really not a pleasant place to be as you in the end miss so much that is good in the world!

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