Mint was a Disappointment!

Posted: 29 September, 2014 in Computer, Linux, Linux Mint, Operating System

In the end contrary to what I have said before Linux Mint turned out to be a big disappointment especially on older hardware and the newer versions as after a month or so usage it managed to pick up a glitch which disabled the wireless card. This is contrast to a Debian Linux I use on other old hardware which has been working over a year without one major glitch or driver issues.

I should of expected that I would have problems with Linux Mint as it is an Ubuntu based Linux and I have had little success using any Ubuntu based Linux on any computer as it always ends up failing due to some glitch or driver failure after a few months which has resulted in myself replacing the Ubuntu with another distribution Linux.

In the end I have done the one thing I should of done in the first place which was to load on a Debian based Linux, in this case Crunchbang, and modified to desktop so it was easily used by someone who is coming from a Windows xp. This turned out to be easier than I expected and the resulting desktop and operating system will be far more stable and maintenance free.

Basically Ubuntu based Linux’s have always been a disappointment my end and I have had no end of problems with stability and speed on older hardware. I should of expected this with Linux Mint but I had a faint hope it was free of such problems which turned out to be wrong in the end.

So now I recommend that anyone thinking of using Linux on older hardware avoid using any Ubuntu based Linux’s and try other Linux distributions especially those using Debian and light desktops for example Openbox but not likes of Gnome 2 or 3.

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