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Even after the hacking scandal both at The News of the World and The Sun broke and people now are facing justice for their actions they did as they put a major blot on the integrity of the British Press it’s major instigator Rupert Murdoch and his dynasty are still free and attempting to mess in British Politics!

My personal view we should not only bringing the minor players of the hacking scandal at The New of the World but the major players like Rupert and James Murdoch should also face justice as regardless of what they say they knew and highly likely sanctioned the hacking in the first place. Something which came extremely clear when they appeared before the Parliamentary Committee as they had to lie openly they knew nothing by the very fact they had to lie proved their guilt.

But the sad fact is Rupert Murdoch is still messing around in our politics in United Kingdom though he has lost some power because of the hacking scandal but nerveless him and dynasty are still in the background trying to use their media empire to gain a foothold here in the United Kingdom.

What annoys me are those people outside of Liverpool who still continue to buy The Sun or The Times even after the hacking scandal are allowing Rupert Murdoch a foot hold in our politics.

It is about time people woke up to what The Sun is that is a thinly veiled mouth piece of Rupert Murdoch’s right wing views and a platform for his propaganda of hate against anyone who does not fit his twisted view of the world. It really shows just how not clued up the average Sun reader is to basic politics and society in general. Frankly Sun readers get what they deserve which is not the news or even the truth but thinly veiled lies and views of Rupert Murdoch and his dynasty!

Am I calling Sun readers stupid?

In a way I am but if someone reads a paper which has been proved times and times again to print lies, half truths and blatant propaganda and believes it need I say more!

This blog entry was inspired by an article written by Russell Brand about Rupert Murdoch which a lot of which I agree with especially its sentiments and the article can be found: Russell Brand rages at the Sun and Rupert Murdoch

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What never ceases to amaze me the gross stupidity of large majority of the general public who fail to realise that the Sky News Channel is blatantly playing a political game on behalf of one Rupert Murdoch!

Then add to this their tabloid approach to the news in so much they do not now want the truth but a sensational version of the truth even if it is a half truth.

Basically the Sky Network has become the public face of Rupert Murdoch’s political aspirations  in the United Kingdom not a Television Channels as such and boy does it show in the standards of the programmes shown on the Sky Network.

To Americans this will sound very familiar as it is the exact same course the Fox News Channel  follows in the United States which basically made the said station a laughing stock both within and outside of the United States.

Just a shame for Rupert Murdoch  that both the government, other media companies and establishment of the United Kingdom have sussed out what he’s up to and basically do not like it or him!

On a personal note I wish Mr Rupert Murdoch would go back home to his native Australia and take his News Channels with him because both are not welcome here any more!


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