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The question ‘Spotify or’ came to mind as a friend on Facebook posted a song from Spotify. Myself it is a personal choice if you use Spotify or but as always there is a big BUT!

The problem I have found with Spotify it seams to myself it is far too linked to British Music Industry itself so hence it’s range of music is very poor indeed and if anything I have found Spofify’s music choices far too commercial for my liking.

But on the other hand, which can also be commercial in it’s choice of music, tends to have a far wider range of music from all over the World and a far bigger range of genres of music that Sopify.  Add to this that more closely follows the format of Pandora it is truer to the ideals of such music sites than Spotify.

So my personal choice and recommendation  is to use over Spotify as will give you a wide range of music from all over the world not the poor range of music Spotify think you should be listening too or is just hip at the time.

So for myself it will be everytime at present!


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