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Recently I have received the much maligned BT Home Hub 3 (Type A) with all the associated problems which come with it all down to BT own making releasing a router with a known number of problems.

But from the start, contrary to various Forums which slated it, it did it’s job including port forwarding though masked by the fact that BT released a router with no call back on it which made port forwarding both hard to test and as if it was not working.

I have to say port forwarding has always worked on BT Home Hub 3 (Type A) just little difficult to get working and test initially but all solved come the first firmware update again contrary to certain forums.

I am not raving about BT Home Hub 3 but once it’s firmware is updated it is a definite improvement on the BT Home Hub 2 especially for myself as I finally got Dynamic DNS to work something missing in previous routers I have had which means I can now both host and broadcast music with a real url address something I have wanted to do over a long time.

Finally I did fine one disturbing problem with the BT Home Hub 3 with the Giga Network port which somehow stopped working until I reset the hub itself which totally too me by surprise as network ports on routers usually do not have such problems.