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I watched a video of a drunk so called British woman on a bus in a full racist rant and it got me thinking just how stupid racism was especially when I thought how our dogs react to each other. I know there are some people out there who will say what has this go t to do with racism though those will be same people who still live under the misconception they are not animals and something created by a divine being.

But it has a lot to do racism as if you observe dogs, even cats, they never judge each other on the colour of their fur, size even what breed they are but whether they like the other dog or not or member of their pack in the case of dogs.

But some of us as humans who claim to be intelligent and rational animals seam incapable of doing the same as cat and dogs. They judge people by the colour of their skin, way they think even how they speak and fail to realise they are dealing with a fellow human being.

When you say this it just shows how stupid racism is as some of us humans seam incapable of judging someone beyond someone’s external features while a so called animal looks past such features regularly.

It gets me asking the question which is the more intelligent animals in this case?

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