Ubuntu and Steam Missed the Boat!

Posted: 29 September, 2014 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

Two years when Microsoft released Windows 8 to a very sceptical even hostile current Window users who frankly did not like the new look to Windows and still do not which damaged hardware sales and helped the rise of the tablet in the computer market.

Microsoft was most definitely on the ropes a year ago it’s very future as a serious software and operating system creators under question and both Ubuntu and Steam stepped up the mark in an attempt to usurp Microsoft’s position in the domestic computer market.

But two years later Ubuntu is still a minor player in the domestic computer market and Steam are still developing their Linus based operating system which was supposed to break into the Windows Gaming market.

Basically both are still in the same position minor players and Microsoft has kept it strangle hold on the domestic computer market backed by the retailers and hardware manufactures. Plus Microsoft is starting to regain some of it’s lost share of the market and actually reversing some of the disastrous modification in Windows 9.

Both Ubuntu and Steam have missed the boat and blown their chances of usurping Microsoft because they could not act fast or decisively enough when Microsoft was down and out. In the end they have made themselves insignificant because of their lack of action and dragging their feet when they needed to be bold and more decisive!

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