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Feeling Strange Inside!

Posted: 27 April, 2012 in Life, Mind

At the moment I cannot get rid of a strange feeling inside for the last week as it feels like a lonely feeling even with the fact I have partner who lives with me and work in a job which I constantly interact with people.

It feels like I am adrift from the world lost inside myself with no way to find my way back. This is even with the fact that I am on my anti-depressants which are stabilizing my moods but something else is happening inside my mind which frankly not that pleasant at the moment!

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The Emptiness Inside

Posted: 18 January, 2012 in Life, Mind

At the moment I am back to having the feeling of the emptiness inside emotionally which if you have been is not a very pleasant place to be both for myself and people who are close to me. I know what causes it which is my depression but I don’t know the reason why yet other than the stress around a certain situation I have in my life.

But this emptiness is the first feeling I get as I start to build up my wall against the world as my mind switches off it real emotions to protect itself from the world in general but at least this time I can see it start to happen.

What is very worrying is the fact that I’m on anti-Depressants which should help to stop my mind doing this all they seem to do at the moment is slow the process and keep the really dark thoughts out of my mind which at least gives me time to do something about what is going on.

At times depression can be very de-humanising turning someone into an unemotional human being who cannot relate to those around him and the world around him.

If this process continues I may have to get professional help.

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The Forgotten Side of Depression

Posted: 27 November, 2011 in Life, Mind

There is a side of depression which I suspect that people who never suffered with depression don’t even know which is the physical side of the illness. When my depression is active my whole body is racked with aches and pains with constant problems with my stomach. It can make whole experience of suffering depression far from pleasant and comfortable.

I sort of know why it occurs as when in depression my body is held at constant Fight and Flight mode the natural reaction we have when we are threatened or frightened but not a healthy state to be all the time as potentially it could be very damaging to the body. So far I have been lucky as the years of my depression has not done too much damage to my body.

I know these physical symptoms of my depression occur as soon as I return to taking anti-depressants a lot of these aches and pains go along with constant stomach problems with the added bonus my body in general relaxes. Always by itself makes me feel much better and relaxed.

It is should not be really surprising that depression has a physical side considering the control the brain has over the body so chemical imbalance there has a big effect on the body.

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Inside a Quiet Mind

Posted: 26 November, 2011 in Life, Mind

Since this time I’ve been starting my anti-depressants my mind has quietened down a lot free from the dark and obsessive thoughts. This was a bit disturbing at the start but as I’ve got used to it it is a very pleasant place to be for myself.

Finally my mind is free to think of other things which are much more productive than the old dark and obsessive thoughts but my depression has sort of unfocused both my creativity and imagination. This not helped by the fact because of my depression I have not used my creativity or imagination because my mind was so cluttered with other useless thoughts.

Now it is a matter of time before my creativity and imagination starts to work again as I get better something I am really looking forward too but I do now it will take time and relearning on my part.

So at the moment I am enjoying my quiet mind and the peace it being me.

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Escaping From a Dark Place Again!

Posted: 24 November, 2011 in Life, Mind

Since I’ve started my anti-depressants again I have started to climb out of the dark place that is was my depression though unlike last time something is very different to last time. It may be this time because I have a Partner, blog and regularly visit Second Life as this time I am more creative and imaginative than the last time.

It is still a bit slow and unfocused at the moment but it does give me hope that this time as I get better my creativity becomes more focused as I know it will make myself feel so much better creating things again even if it a computer code or personal web site.

The constant frustration over the last few years while in my personal dark place was the fact it had robbed my creativity and energy to do anything. It is a horrible place to be when your mind is racing with ideas with no way to get the ideas out of your head. It makes you feel like you are a failure as an intelligent person.

I have once again hopes for the future as I slowly climb back to a lighter place from the dark place of my depression with the hope that I finally find a way to really control my depression so I can live a better and more fulfilled life.

There will some out there who will say that myself going back on the anti-depressants is admitting defeat but those who have been where I have will understand the anti-depressants give me time and space to get better. It is better to do something rather than keep suffering because of stupid pride.

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It seems to me I am using this journal to escape the boredom of my life at the moment and as a way to reconnect myself to a world which is slowing slipping from my grasp behind a wall of my own building!

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It suddenly occurred to me what scared me more about death which not death itself but the fact I will cease to exist!

This sort of explains why I do not like sleeping as I sort of cease to exist in my own mind for a short while.

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