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What Was Lenovo Thinking?

Posted: 22 February, 2015 in Comment, Computer, Lenovo

With the revelations in the news that Lenovo had installed the hidden adware software Superfish as standard on their computers I for one am questioning why they really thought this was acceptable practice?

This in a background of constant attack on Window Computers by viruses and similar adware software it seams that Lenovo installing such software themselves even under the pretence of making users shopping experience easier was not exactly smartest move on their part. They should not of not been surprised that users would complain about the software on their computers.

It also explains why the major internet security corporations including Norton and McAfee where letting through pop up screen type adware software as they would have been informed by Lenovo about their adware on their machines. Something which they failed to pass on to their users.

By doing so both Norton and McAfee have caused their users hours of worry and even financial loss as the various spammers took advantage of the holes left by said companies. If anything it has not done both Norton’s and McAfee’s already tarnished reputations any good in the end.

Though what has come out of this whole sorry situation is that Lenovo have admitted their mistake and they are trying to correct their mistake by helping their users unlike certain other American Corporations who would of attempted to brush the whole sorry affair under the carpet.

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