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A few days ago I had an interesting discussion with someone which started as a joke on their part but what they were talking about was a very serious matter, that is the existence of the National Health Service here in the United Kingdom.

Their argument went along the line they would pay medical insurance rather than use the NHS because they were likely to get better service privately. Add to this they were under the impression that medical insurance would cover all their medical expenses.

This frankly showed a gross ignorance just why the NHS was created in the first place and how medical insurance actually works.

Lets take the most likely model for medical insurance which will be used here in the United Kingdom which will be the American system which if they had been paying attention to the events in the United States that the Trump government is repealing certain set of laws which stopped insurance companies refusing medical insurance for people who have ongoing medical conditions.

Effectively it will mean the people concerned will not be able to afford the medical care they need as they will not have the money to pay for it. Add to this just what does someone who is too poor to afford medical insurance do in the United States? They have to depend on charity given by Doctors and Charities rather than government.

Effectively the United States does not have Universal Health Care which all the people can access regardless of their means which the NHS gives us here in the United Kingdom.

They seam to fail to understand just why the NHS was created in the first place here in the United Kingdom as before its advent the only people who got any medical care were those who could afford the Doctors and Hospitals that is the Middle and Uppers classes of our society while the Workers had to struggle to get the money to even get basic medical care.

Medical Insurance cannot replace the NHS as it would be step backwards for a large majority of the population here in the United Kingdom as once again it will create a two tier access to Medical Treatment that is those who can afford the insurance and those who cannot who will end up needlessly suffering because of their lack of money. Simply put it will end the universal access we all have to medical attention here in the United Kingdom and return us back to inhumane situation as peoples right to medical care will be denied them because they are poor.

What I found really disturbing was the fact they believed the right-wing media portrayal of an NHS failing ignoring the facts that currently the NHS is being deliberately starved of money by the current government to give such a picture to the general public. All in an effort to pave the way for private medical care which will be more expensive than ever the NHS ever was.

In the end the people in question really showed a real ignorance of the world around them and the recent history of our own country. They showed the modern hard attitude of those who have easy and privileged life who blame the poor for every ill of society and they must suffer because of it.

Their lack of a social concise and very selfish attitude that things are right for them so everyone else can go to hell is endemic of our modern world and if it does not change they will suffer, especially if they fall on hard times themselves.

The question I have to ask them what if you needed help from society and it refused to help you in a time of need, how would you feel?

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