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I think I have touched this subject before but I feel it has be said again before we lose some of the best Builders/Designers within Second Life. This is the increase of Freebies within Second Life which is both very useful for new residents but they are becoming a real bane to the Builders/Designers within Second Life. Then add to this the large number of the newer Second Life residents who rather than spend any money in Second Life rather find and use Freebies regardless of the fact that Freebies do not look the best!

Myself from personal experience have always found Freebies not to be the best builds within Second Life which is to be expected so I tend to buy anything I need from Builders/Designers as the quality and looks are far more superior!

In addition when you use Freebies it more likely your Avatar is going to be less unique hence less noticeable as the range of Freebies tend to be far more restrictive and more repetitive. On top of this a number of Freebies may actually be poor copies or even rip off’s of legitimate Second Life Builders/Designers work so it can help to support the criminal elements within Second Life itself.

So in conclusion it is better to support the Builders/Designers of Second Life if you can by actually buying things from them or in the end they will leave Second Life taking a lot heart, creativity and uniqueness of Second Life with them.

In the end someone who excessively uses Freebies is the loser as when they want something unique there will not be Second Life Builders/Designers there to create what they want.

Freebies my be useful but is their use within Second Life really worth it in the end?

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It seems the actions of a small majority of Second Life Residents will spell the end of Freebies within the Second Life Grid. For those who do not know a Freebie is a free item usually given away by builders usually to promote their store.

The problem is that now there are far to many Residents who abuse the use of Freebies rather than actually buy anything all in effort not to pay any money into Second Life itself. There are those Residents still are proud about the fact that they put no money into Second Life which I find so sad.

But their actions have made the giving way of Freebies by Builders now more of a liability than a benefit to the Builder. Then add to this the constant sales by other Builders a larger majority of major Builders within Second Life now are not producing Freebies any more as they frankly do not see them as useful any more.

These Residents actions both effect the Second Life economy detrimentally and make it far more difficult for Noobies to find Freebies they need when they first start within Second Life. These Residents, like Campers, I regard them as parasites within Second Life who contribute very little to Second Life in general.

As a final note these people Avatars will never look the best as large majority of Freebies are not build to the high standards of the large majority items within Second Life for obvious reasons.

Please note: If want to see my second life journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.