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Today MySpace went the same way as Facebook in so much I deleted my account with no intention of going back there but for slightly different reasons. Basically MySpace new format and contents basically do not appeal to me especially the choice of music which only includes mainstream current and new bands, e,g, too commercial.

But what it does show much like Facebook the major social web sites really not do not do what they claim to do which is be social web sites but have become places for businesses to peddle their wares including music all at the expense of the social side. They have lost focus on what they should be focusing on their users who make their social web sites work something they certainly not doing at present.

I suspect that there are a growing number of people like myself who are getting very disenchanted by the major social networks like Facebook and MySpace to a point they really do not give us anything we need any more. Then like myself they are leaving these social networks looking elsewhere which is missing on the major social networks.

My personal opinion is if both Facebook and MySpace do not do something about their social networks and leave them as they are both will be doomed to collapse or fading into the background in relative obscurity. The process has already started with MySpace and only a matter of time before it starts to happen with Facebook.

The New MySpace!

Posted: 23 January, 2013 in Computer, MySpace, World Wide Web

Recently MySpace has gone through a change into a so called social web site which fans can follow their bands but there is a big but on my part as I find it terrible for whole number of reasons. It will mean I will be eventually deleting my MySpace as I dislike it that much.

The first major problem being that on the new MySpace profile none of the user data from my old MySpace profile so in one foul move MySpace has removed all the friends had there. This would have been just a pain but what makes it worse is the selection of bands you can follow there is very poor indeed and limited to the mainstream of music with the token so called indie and alternative rock.

I know this may improve with time but frankly with the other issues I frankly am not going to waste my time with a so called music web site which only so called mainstream music much like I do not bother with Spotify as it frankly does not interest me at all.

Personally I not recommend MySpace to anybody as it now a terrible social web site whose content leaves a lot to be desired. I am of the opinion the change they make is really not going to help MySpace itself if anything make their position as a Social Web site worse!

I think currently we are seeing the end game of MySpace as once again in the news it was reported it was losing yet more users. This is very sad to see but not surprising as currently MySpace, for long term users like myself, has become unusable and frustrating to use mainly because it is so slow to load!

In light of this loss of users has MySpace gone out of their way to improve their performance issues over last few months well no, they continue to persist with the same unusable front end. I really doubt that I am the only user to notice the problems with MySpace considering the loss of users recently!

It has become a chore on my part in the last year to check my MySpace page so I now check it less and less. It has got to a point when I am seriously considering deleting my MySpace page as it is too much trouble to use and the only reason why I stay their is out of some sort of loyalty to MySpace but even my patience and tolerance will eventually break.

Basically if MySpace does not do something about it’s functionality and performance issues soon we will be seeing soon it’s end game followed by it closure as a serious Social Web Site. This will be a great shame as it has been one of the major and original Social Web Site for musicians/arts!


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An Unkind Cut!

Posted: 11 January, 2011 in Computer, MySpace, World Wide Web

It is very sad that there are job losses at MySpace but not wholly surprising considering that as a company MySpace over the last few years has shown no real innovation and tried to inmate their biggest rivals Facebook and fail totally!

It is my own personal opinion that we will see the eventual closing down of MySpace  unless they can pull out a last minute rabbit out of the hat which currently I don’t see them doing so.

But Facebook in the whole situation cannot really to afford to crow as even as the biggest social network if they do not keep themselves innovative and fresh they will go the same way as MySpace.

It can already be seen in Facebook the seeds of their own destruction along same lines as MySpace in a general lack of innovation or thought put into the layout of Facebook with each change it’s developers do. It seems the Facebook developers are becoming very complacent and arrogant because they are the biggest.

If MySpace does close it should be a stark warning to likes of Facebook that the public are very fickle and difficult creatures to keep happy so they have to always be on the ball and innovative to survive!


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Since the last last update of the social web site MySpace if you are using browser Opera it has frankly become unusable as a social web site!

Considering that Opera as a browser is widely used world wide, though not as much as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, it may of been an idea that MySpace tested their new format on the browser!

But regardless of that MySpace generally has become unusable as the sites performance and stability leave a lot to be desired which frankly is not exactly the best idea in the cut and thrust world of social web sites out there on the World Wide Web. Then add to the fact that likes of Facebook have world domination it was not exactly the smartest move for MySpace to do currently.

This could be yet another nail in the coffin of MySpace if they do not do something about these issue as I suspect I’m not the only one to notice this!


Please note: If you want to see an archive of my older blog entries then go to my blog The Thoughts of Chairman Turner. Otherwise if you just want to see my second life blog then go to my blog Journal of a Spectral Traveler.