Extreme Measures But Need to Be Done!

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I am coming to conclusion the United Kingdom, much like Australia, should have compulsory voting as it is time to force those people to take part in our Democracy as by not doing so they are damaging it more than ever the Conservatives ever will!

This may be an extreme view in some people’s minds but I am fed up of living in a country with a large majority of people who give lip service to our democracy but do not take part in it.

Democracy by definition means we all take part running the country not a few!

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Beating a Retreat For My Sanity!

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As few days ago Mr Cameron our PM here in the United Kingdom finally announces the EU Referendum into whether the United Kingdom stay in or not on 23rd June 2016 which means the real fight for the future of the United Kingdom starts.

The fight has been turned into a fight for the very future of the United Kingdom as a true democracy by the extreme right wing here who have pinned their flag on the leave EU option using the nationalist, independent and fear of Muslims as an argument to leave the EU. Add to this they are using blatant lies and fear to paint the EU as evil left wing anti democracy state who want to take our independence regardless that is far from the truth.

The extreme right wing here have now made the EU Referendum more than just if we want to leave or stay within the EU but now whether we want a state dominated by an authoritarian state run by right wing parties outside of Europe or we move forward as a country which embraces a real democracy which includes all the people as part of Europe.

This is all because of Mr Cameron and his Government failure to curve the extreme Right Wing here in the United Kingdom regardless of the fact they have been told that these extremists are far more dangerous to the security of the United Kingdom than any Muslim terrorist will ever be.

What they have meant the EU Referendum now has been poisoned and it will now split society within the United Kingdom between the right and left regardless of the result of the referendum. By Mr Cameron and his Government to curve the extreme right they have created a dangerous situation in this country which could end up in conflict regardless of the result.

This in my view is intolerable situation which could have been handled far better both by the government and media of the United Kingdom who have turned the whole referendum into a joke and not on actual issues but on whether we want a real democracy or a right wing one party state,

Add to this nether side of the Anti-European or Pro-European have given good account of themselves each giving misleading and confusing information required for people here to make a real change to decide which is best option for the country in a considered manor.

What we all get from both sides is a confused, distorted even in the case of the Anti-European side blatant lies and distortions of truth. The right link leaving the EU to a twisted patriotism and national with the pipe dream of United Kingdom standing independent against a world regardless from the fact the United Kingdom has always been a part of the world on all levels from our society to trade.

So in the end people here simply do not understand or can even make a real decision about the future of the United Kingdom within the EU. Instead most people are frankly ignorant or fed up of the whole situation already because of the actions of both Anti-European and Pro-European groups. In the end it is highly likely few people will actually vote and those will vote not fully understanding what they voting for and the real effect it is going have on the United Kingdom.

Regardless of who wins the result will not show the true feeling of the people of the United Kingdom as the whole basis of the EU Referendum is already flawed and poisoned by actions of all the groups involved in the campaign itself.

In the end I will vote to stay in Europe as I believe the United Kingdom as part of a strong United Europe which will ensure our democracy and our place in the world will be safer. Add to this I feel more European than British as I unlike others around me look at the bigger picture rather than shorter picture of petty nationalism and patriotism which always lead to most evil excesses of people.

On top of this I will over the coming months I will observe the two groups but I will distance myself from both sides even a point of keeping quieter than usual. I have started by changing who I follow on Twitter removing the political based groups I am following. All this is to reduce the anxiety the whole EU Referendum has started to build up which has started to aggravate my depression in very bad way.

It would be nice to be more involved but I will have to put my health first and when the dust settles after the referendum regardless of the result think seriously if I really want to live in United Kingdom which is intent on both destroying itself and others around it. A country which cannot currently change even when change is needed for our society and country finally move into the 21st Century and beyond.

All this sound like I am giving up but I really have far more important things in life to deal with at the moment and whatever happens I will make the best of what is given to me or around me.

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Is It Worth It Any More?

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In the end with all that is going on in the world especially here in United Kingdom with the constant bombardment of a right wing press which paints a picture of a world which is falling to bits with constant terrorist attacks, wars and evils of immigrants. All made worse by the fact people are starting to actually believe this sick, twisted cocktail of lies and half truths printed by the media regardless of being presented evidence that proves the lies and half truths are false.

Add to this in United Kingdom as our politics heads for self destruction of our economy and society of our country aided by right wing press and government intent on promoting hate, bigotry and even twist Christian values which suit their own proposes. All made worse by a Conservative government lead by Mr Cameron who insist of still having a EU referendum regardless of the fact it is poorly timed as it has brought out the extreme right wing here in United Kingdom along with it’s destructive effect on society.

All I currently see here in the United Kingdom now a country being destroyed from within between those pro and anti Europeans which now correspond to left and right of the politics but now I see this going towards more open and destructive conflict between the two groups.

Either way if the United Kingdom stays or leave the EU the damage has been done here in the United Kingdom and Europe as Mr Cameron and the Conservative government has single handedly damaged both the United Kingdom and Europe with petty and small minded nationalist policy under the guise of independence and patriotism!

We here in the United Kingdom either way not face the possibility of very bitter even violent politics after the referendum either way it goes. Plus a possibility it will be enough to break up the Union once and for all time especially if we leave Europe as Scotland will not want to associate with right wing England. Even Wales will start to wonder if it even worth it association with England. A once great nation will be reduced either way to a group of states which cannot or unwilling to work together any more because of the actions of English government which put it’s petty nationalist need before the good of the nation and Union.

So I am getting to a point of wondering why is it worth it any more commenting or do anything about those destroying this country of mine in the name of petty nationalism and destructive patriotism as after all large majority of the people of United Kingdom are very happy to allow others do the thinking for them regardless if in the end it is them who will suffer.

Can any one out there remind me why it is worth it?

As I am starting to think of an exit plan to leave the United Kingdom, my country of birth, because I do not like my country or people any more and I am very ashamed of what they have become!

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Same Old Mistakes And Policies!

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Once again the Conservative Government here in the United Kingdom are doing exactly the same set of policies to combat the recession much as the last time by cutting and privatising services including likes of National Health Service even the Post Office.

After the last time the Conservative Government tried this method of fighting a recession we ended up with poor services, higher taxes and crippling bills. All in all we were worse off I the end. It did work for a short while the economy flourished but it was only temporary fix as the government failed to tackle the underlying weakness of the Western Capitalism which is driven by pure greed and a short sighted view point.

So decades later we found ourselves in exactly the same position which if anything was far worse as the Credit Crunch highlighted once again the weakness of the Western Economies and Capitalism. That is it still driven by pure greed and short sighted view point, if anything the corruption and ineptitude of those in power has made whole situation far worse and last longer than it should of.

What the current Conservative Government are doing to fight the current economic situation much like the last time really does not cure the underlying issues of the Western Capitalism but papers on the cracks so those in power still keep their power and money at the expense of the people in general. By not doing anything different they are not solving anything just temporary fixing the situation and setting up the Western World for a even bigger fall sometime in the future.

The Conservatives both here in the United Kingdom and the United States are destroying Western Society as we know it by their policies because they allowing those in power to keep their money and power regardless of the fact their conservationism and greed is killing our society.

In my view it is time to try something different and radical as things cannot go on as they are as they will result in a society which doomed for failure again. We need to change direction way we deal with the recession and the way we do business on a very fundamental basis.

Our current situation will not be solved by some old policies as I believe they will simply will not work and we will find ourselves in worse place in the future. It is time to do something different so we in the West and Worldwide can really move on to new and different future which will be far brighter than we currently have.

It now has become a matter of survival of our Society even as we know it!

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Wakie-Wakie There is a Mr Cameron is About!

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As our Prime Minster, Mr Cameron, and the Conservatives here in the United Kingdom take apart the basic fabric of the government from the National Health Service to Social Security all in the effort to reduce the deficit which frankly not being borne out by the official figures which I have believed ended up costing the country more money rather than reducing the deficit.

On top of this the government under Mr Cameron is also eroding the personal freedom of the citizens of the United Kingdom including allowing the Security Services to officially snoop people’s emails and where they go on the internet and putting in place laws to stop people being radicalised by extreme Muslims over the internet which is so flimsy it could finally curtail the freedom of speech here in the United Kingdom on the Internet.

Under this law potentially even myself writing this blog criticizing the British Prime Minister and Government could be regarded as radical in the government eyes and potentially get me arrested even imprisoned. This my sound a bit extreme but in the current world situation with Mr Trump in United States and European Referendum here in United Kingdom could be very near to the truth if we do not change our path.

The one question I have to ask the people around me in the United Kingdom which is just when are you going to wake up to what is happening in this country?

Or are you just going to be sheep and blindly walk into a future when you have little real say in your life and freedom of speech in a Corporate State?

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A Message Has Been Sent to Mr Trump!

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This week I got a email from Petitions: UK Government and Parliament Web site that United Kingdom Parliament will debate the “Block Donald J Trump from UK entry” petition I signed end of last year.

As some 500,000 people signed the petition with minimum number of 10,000 people before Parliament will consider debating the content of the petition it would of made a mockery of the site and our democracy if Parliament had not debated it. Also considering the petition itself has broken records in so much it has had most signatures of any petitions on the web site!

So now the United Kingdom Parliament will debate whether to block Mr Trump from United Kingdom entry and regardless of the out come the fact that Parliament is having the debate sends a message to Mr Trump his allies and far right here we the people of United Kingdom do not tolerate such bigotry against anyone just because of their religion including Muslims.

Add to regardless of the pointless threats by Mr Trump to pull out investments in the United Kingdom we as a country will debate blocking him even block him as his money and influence here has gone as we hate bigots more than we fear rich men.

Those of us here in the United Kingdom should use this small victory against a bigot in high paces both here in the United Kingdom and United States to start to fight back and put in place those sections of our societies who promote bigotry, hate even extreme nationalist politics.

As a final note this has brought to home to certain group of Americans the one thing we here in United Kingdom and Europe hate more than so called terrorists are fascists and bigots. We here have a long history and memory which is littered with actions of such people which has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people!

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British Press: The Purveyor of Lies?

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What has certainly become very apparent, even very blatant, over the past few years just how some British Newspapers have become purveyors of half lies twisting the truth of stories for their own means. That is deliberately misquoting people, talking things out of context now even printing stories which are not based on truth but on unsupported hearsay.

The main culprits here in the United Kingdom being The Sun, The Telegraph both supported by the Sky New Channel and The Daily Mail who have been following their own right wing agenda which includes spreading fear about Middle Eastern Terrorists, stoking the fires of Anti-Muslim in certain parts of society to even spreading Anti-European by pandering to the far right nationalists here in the United Kingdom.

The proof of how blatant they have become came out after the recent Paris Terrorist attack after which both The Sun and The Daily Mail both had headlines which claimed, later proved unfounded, that the terrorists who did the attacks in Paris came in with the Syrian refugees. After which both newspapers were ordered by the Press Commission to print an apology for the misleading headlines.

This was just one of recent stories the newspapers in question have had to print apology for the others including stories about the new Labour Leader Mr Corbyn which were part of a very blatant slur campaign by the said newspapers.

In the case of both The Sun and The Telegraph we should not be surprised as their owner, one Mr Murdoch, has been trying for years to gain political power here in the United Kingdom using his newspapers to promote his right wing aspirations for power. This further proved by his very close ties to Mr Cameron which looks from where I am a very corrupt relationship which threatens our democracy on a very fundamental level.

What is worrying Mr Murdoch himself is only the tip of an iceberg here as he is just one of such rich persons who using the media here in United Kingdom to promote their right wing views and gain more political power at the expense of the ordinary people here in the United Kingdom.

This to some people out here will sound like the ramblings of yet another left wing activist but if these people has actually listening to the difference the British Press has been printing about the events around the world compared to the International Press could not of failed to notice this right wing bias and feeding to anti-Muslim feeling a majority of British Press has been printing.

Though I suspect that the large majority of the citizens of United Kingdom really do not care as it is easier to believe what is printed in a press which had the most integrity for its reporting rather than believe they are being manipulated by small group of very rich shadowy figures.

Once again some peoples apathy allows these newspapers and their owners to print such blatant right wing anti-Muslim propaganda in their newspapers so it carries on unchecked especially under a Conservative Government lead by Prime Minister who really looks as if he in the pockets of the newspaper owners in question.

As I said before one day people will wake up to find their freedoms gone living under the heavy boots of a government supported by corporations who use fear of the likes of Muslims to keep them in line with punitive laws in the name of security.

A grim thought which must be thought so people wake up what is happening before it is too late!

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