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After the less than satisfactory experiences I have has with third party web host companies especially those which are free I have finally got around to hosting my web site and one blog on one of my home Linux Computers.

It has meant I had to do some quick learning how to set up an Apache Web Server on a Linux Computer and getting both port forwarding/dynamic dns working all of which turned out to be a lot simpler than I thought.

I know I have the advantage over a lot of people there because of my experience in working with computers but there are a lot of resources and examples how to set up an Apache Web Server of which a large majority of which are very useful and easy to use.

But in the end by hosting my web site and one blog on my home machine I have freed myself with the constant problems and limitations third party web hosts put on me and more importantly I have finally total control over the hosting of my web site. All this helped by the fact I use a Linux Computer rather than a Windows Computer which frankly would not of been stable enough or as easy to set as a Linux Computer.

Would I recommend people host their own web site?

The simple answer is yes especially if you have a Linux Computer and low traffic site as in the end it is a very good learning experience and gives you a lot of control and freedom hosting your own site. Myself I have not looked backed and enjoying the whole experience from start to finish.

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