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Well it has finally been confirmed that the art of conversion is dying as a recent BBC article pointed out that people now text more than they actually have conversions which I found both very sad and highly ironic in this modern world of instant and easy communication.

It sort of confirmed my over all view about the young here in United Kingdom in so much they simply have lost the basic art of actually talking and listening to each other and others around them.

It shows in my general interaction with people half my age who simply cannot put together a consistent conversation or even argument who seem more concerned with themselves and own life than anyone else around them. They also cannot cope with the simple small talk required to interact with people on a daily basis and they wonder why older people don’t give them the respect they think they deserve.

All this is highly ironic in the end as for the first time in the history of mankind because of the internet humanity has so many ways to interact and exchange ideas. The power of these new communication media has already been shown just how powerful it is as over the past few years it has been used by Arabs of the Middle East in their effort to win their freedom and by activities elsewhere in the world.

And what to the modern youth of the United Kingdom actually use this wondrous tool for?

Following celebrates, bitching about friends and telling everyone just what they are up to in their boring uneventful lives as if anyone would actually be interested.

This says it all in the end the art of conversation is on they way out and in the end when this art is lost and all theses people can do when they are old is talk and remember, they will be not able too.

I should lament it’s passing but I look at this way there are few who still learn have to have a conversation and simply talk, even among the young, these few will find they will have a full life learning much, meeting interesting people and feel more fulfilled. While those who simply don’t bother will end up with empty, superficial lives and end their lives wondering where the time went.

Add to this as Humans we love to talk by not doing this we are denying our basic humanity!

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