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Vive la Révolution!!!!

Posted: 25 October, 2013 in Comment, Life, Russell Brand

I have always found Russell Brand a pretentious, little man who was not a funny comedian in my eyes but the passion he showed for a much needed change here in United Kingdom in a recent interview with Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight on BBC2 has changed my mind about him.

In the interview he showed a very focused and intelligent view of the current state of our government here in the United Kingdom a lot of which I have been saying and thinking over the years. The way he put it over may be a bit flippant but that is his nature but the content was clear and well thought out. He admitted, refreshingly and honestly, he has not idea what to do but in my opinion had the balls to stand up and say things here is wrong.

Myself what he saying is true we have currently a government which looks after business before people to a point it is totally disfranchised from the people which voted it in made worse by an establishment which still class ridden and run by people who went to the right schools and belong to the right families.

Only thing I disagree with Russell Brand is the fact he did not vote as I am of the view regardless if your vote is useful or not the fact that you vote gives you more high moral high ground when commenting about the government as they cannot accuse you of not voting. Even if the vote was for some minor party!

In the end lets hope that Russell Brand can use his fame and passion for some good even if it just putting his views across and inspiring people to get off their bottoms and finally do something about the government here.

Myself a revolution is long over due here in the United Kingdom it is high time people started to take more interest in the dirty word called politics as we need to change the way the United Kingdom is governed for this country to start moving forward again and once again be a big player in the world.

It is time the government worked for the people not big corporations and stopped being a lap dog of the United States and part of strong and vibrant Europe where we belong as Europeans!

The following is a link to Russell Brands interview with Jeremy Paxman well worth a serious view as I said above:

Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night

Vive la Révolution!

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