Crunchbang Linux Lives On Here!

Posted: 26 May, 2013 in Computer, Crunchbang Linux, Linux, Operating System

Well after the past few days with the problems with Crunchbang Linux on my one desktop I have decided to keep it on my laptop as it still functions well on my laptop with little of no problem. If anything it works even better on the network since Crunchbang Linux was removed from the desktop in question.

What it has highlighted about Linux in general it is far more sensitive to the hardware it is run on more than both Apple o/s and Microsoft Windows a price it has to pay for a performance improvement on the hardware. I suspect this dates back to Linux roots in Unix an operating system which needs to be tweaked first to get the best performance on the hardware it is run on.

This does make Linux a double edged sword for those who first encounter Linux as they have to try a number of Linux’s on the hardware before finding one which runs well on their hardware. There are those Linux’s out there which are generalists like Windows but like Windows suffer from performance issues.

Personally I think the whole effort of finding an appropriate Linux for your hardware especially for new user is worth while as in the process it gives the new user a chance to learn more about Linux first hand and it is half the fun of using Linux something sadly missing from both Apple o/s and Microsoft Windows.


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