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Well it was a nice surprise I found an interesting Twitter from someone I now cannot remember.

It seems that OpenOffice team have recreated themselves as The Document Foundation who now are creating a new OpenOffice Productivity Suite with the name Productivity Suite which is a direct descendant of Sun Systems now Oracle’s OpenOffice itself.

Those of you who are not in the know OpenOffice is, it is an Open Source Productivity Suite which includes a Word Processor and Spreadsheet which currently rivals Microsoft’s Office Suite with one major bonus in so much OpenOffice is free and in my opinion far more easier to use than Microsoft’s Office.

OpenOffice was originally developed by Sun Microsystems as an Open Source package which was taken on by Oracle when they took over Sun Microsystems since when I suspect that large majority of OpenOffice users where waiting for Oracle to pull the plug on it as like Microsoft, Oracle tend to put profits first and customers/users last!

So the formation of The Document Foundation by the OpenOffice Team came as a very pleasant surprise as it finally frees the OpenOffice Productivity Suite, be it in another name, from the clutches of large American Software House who we all suspected all along would like to charge everyone to use OpenOffice.

One other thing has also come out of this formation of this foundation it looks as if it is run by people who are largely based outside of the United States and in Europe the heartland of the new wave of Open Source Software both it’s development and use! You might say OpenOffice has come home.

So now I will start to use LibreOffice Productivity Suite by The Document Foundation and stop using Oracle’s version of OpenOffice Productivity Suite as I will support true Open Source Software as in the end we all will benefit from their work.

Myself I would urge people out there  to do the same and start to use LibreOffice Productivity Suite over OpenOffice Productivity Suite so we as a whole can encourage the growth of Open Source software and for once get decent working software we all deserve!



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