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With Tesla setting all it patents to Open Source recently got me thinking again about the whole Open Source verses Patient battle that most technological companies are in. That is whether to protect the technology with myriads of patients or just to make things open source so everyone can gain from their work.

From my observations of the technology industry from the outside especially the computer industry what Tesla have done is both a brave and the right thing to do. Firstly they will free themselves from the constant ligation battles that patents seam to bring nowadays as people try to get around them and do, all in effort to keep ahead. Secondly because they are open source they now will have to innovate themselves to keep themselves ahead which will mean for the eventual users of Tesla products will end up with better products and choice of products which frankly is a good thing.

This is all in a background to a technological industry which is plagued by constant patent battles all in the effort to protect what the companies have which in turn is stifling innovation and the industries in question moving forward in any meaningful way. Basically they are wasting money and time protecting what they have they have forgotten that they have to constantly innovate to survive.

This has been further highlighted by the massive strives forwards of Open Source Software and Projects have made in the past few decades compared to the big technological companies who if anything have started to falter and show their age because they have put too much effort into law suits against each other than actually new products but rehashes of their old products, the major two examples being Apple and Microsoft.

If the big technological companies keep on this path of constant suing and counter suing over their various patents they will be outstripped by Open Source projects in innovation and real usability for the users. Add to this constant infighting will eventually damage their position, credibility and effectiveness as technological companies as their products will suffer from lack of innovation and quality users of their products will start to look elsewhere.

Basically Tesla, unlike other technological companies, has woken up to advantages of Open Source and I suspect it will open the way to faster uptake of electrical cars and the such now with big advantage they may of given themselves a better future as leading technological company!

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At the start I used Open Source software because it was free and allowed me to use older hardware which would have been thrown away if I had gone down the Windows and Commercial Software way.

But now it is becoming more and more of a statement to the world by myself in so much I refuse to pay the inflated and unnecessary costs charged by the big Computer Corporations for operating systems and software which the large majority of the time simply do not do their jobs well or so full of annoying bugs and security flaws to make their use difficult!

Of cause this is all helped by the fact as I, and others like myself, have started to use Open Source more and more the quality of Open Source operating systems and software has come on leap and bounds in past decade certainly outstripping their commercial equivalents in quality, stability and more importantly usability.

I am now also start to see Open Source also as a political statement on my part in so much I use software which is created by the people for the people rather than depending on the Computer Giants who have tried to dictate what the average user used on their computers. The biggest example of this being Microsoft rewriting of the bios on computers to only allow their operating systems on computer hardware, something which frankly much like Windows 8 has not really been that effective to stem the rise of Open Source.

I now use Open Source both because it is better than most commercial software and to stick two fingers up at the likes of Apple, Microsoft and even Google!

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What still amazes me is that people still insist on buying software from the major software suppliers, including Microsoft, regardless of the fact in recent year the quality of Open Source Software has improved with lead and bounds and in the majority of cases it quality is far better than that produced by the major software suppliers.

I still understand why people buy the more specialist software as Open Source Software will never replace this type of software and I suspect they do not want to other than produce the tools to create such software.

But with more mundane and run of the mill software which include Word Processors why do people still pay for good money when a free and very usable Open Source versions are available?

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I find this the height of irony as at work I sell Cloud products and get cloud products for free but I have just set up a small personal cloud for absolutely for nothing with the only limit on space being the size of the hard drive it is based upon.

I have used owncloud a piece of Open Source software which was easy to set up even it’s client on other computers and all you need on the server is Apache2 server running PHP also in my case port forwarding and dynamic dns on the router.

As I have said before the sheer wealth and quality of Open Source software never ceases to amaze me and in the recent decades has come on in leap and bounds something the more mainstream software writes have failed to do who now produce over priced software which a lot of the time fails to be real value of money.

Once again Open Source has allowed me to do something I could not of done decades ago and it is making my whole experience of computing a fun and productive place for myself and others again!

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Open Source, especially in Europe, is most definitely a political animal and represents the struggle between big computer corporations and developers/innovators themselves who actually controls the computer industry itself.

It also represents the current battle between a conservative establishment which is strangling the world and free thinkers who want to move the world forward into a brighter future. It is a microcosm of the struggle of the world around us in which people are being subtly oppressed by a conservative establishment who fail to listen to those who too lazy to listen to those who say they can do things differently.

Much as our world users of mainstream software have fallen for the lies of the major computer corporations that open source is dangerous and substandard quality. All this made worse by the fact a large number of users are now afraid to even use open source because of these lies!

But what I find interesting especially in Europe the growing defiance against the dominance of United States in general after years of growing resentment there because of the United States constant meddling in Europe especially during the cold war is starting to drive the use of open source even that created in United States.

It strikes me that open source both in United States and Europe is becoming more of a political animal as people especially within the computer industry want more freedom to innovate in a directions the big computer corporations are too afraid to try because of their very conservative nature!

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A Revolution in the Wings!

Posted: 24 September, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Open Source

I have had the feeling for the last year that there has been a revolution waiting in the wings within the Computer Industry itself something the big boys of the industry have been trying to suppress in the hope it will go away but it is not if anything getting stronger and stronger!

What am I talking about is Open Source Software which has breathed a life back into an industry which frankly over the past decades has been in the doldrums because the major computer players have put profit before users and innovation!

But like the music industry the computer industry from development to retail corporations have been slow to react to the revolution if anything tried to suppress the inevitable change much to the detriment to themselves and users alike!

Myself as a user of Open Source software from operating systems to packages is frustrated by the current situation because I know other users are being short changed and they having a bad experience using computers because the big computer companies refuse to change for the better because of greed and profit!

I wonder just how loud you have to shout before people know they are not getting best deal from the big boys of computer industry and there are real alternatives to their software out there!

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