Social Media: Time Gentlemen Please!

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With the news that Stephen Fry has been hounded off Instagram got me thinking about the main stream social media web sites like Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter that there time has come, hence Time Please Gentlemen.

One comment Stephen Fry did say about Twitter, which can be said about all social media, is the fact that there was too much “too much aggression and unkindness” there. This sadly is very true and it is a sad reflection of what the Western World and those who use Social Media have become is very detached to the world and people around them.

It has been one reason why now I have no Facebook or any other mainstream social media accounts other than an impersonal Twitter account which purely exists to promote my blogging rather than be a personal Twitter account. All so I can keep these mainstream social media web sites at arm length with no personal data there.

I know that once the mainstream social media have in the past have had a very useful function in keeping people in contact but over their life times they have stopped being places to socialise but places where people now aggressively promote their political views, opinions and the such regardless of the effect it has on other people.

The upshot of which the mainstream social media have stopped places to socialise but places for people to spread hate, ignorance and hound those people who do not fit the more so called profile of a normal person that is heterosexual, white, Christian and Conservative. So in the end for anyone who does not fit this profile these social media websites stop becoming nice places to be to a point they have a very negative effect on the people in question.

From my own experience of Facebook which was not a very pleasant one because of bigoted, ignorant and openly abusive people I had to leave Facebook as it was starting to make me ill as it aggravated my depression. I suspect I am not only one who had has the same experience of Facebook and left for the same reasons.

In the end my personal view the time for the likes of Facebook, Instagram even Twitter has come unless they do something about their negative side but sadly they seam unwilling to do anything about under the guise it would compromise people’s freedom of speech.

But in the end these social media keep allowing people to bully, abuse and spread hate about others is undermining their very purpose of being social media networks as after all people are not going to stay there and find somewhere else to go online which gives them a better and safer experience online.

Those of us who have taken notice about the world around us would of noticed that Facebook now has to advertise on television here in the United Kingdom to attract people to join their social media network something such social networks never had to do before!

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On the Other Side is Back!

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After the first failed attempt of my own social web site using Oxwall and a lot of work and some inspired guess work my own social web site, On the Other Side!, is back up and running using WordPress/BuddyPress and various plugins associated with them.

Over the past month I have been working on the new version of the web site which included moving it on to a new server at home which went remarkably well and a lot easier than I expected. Though I expect I will continue to add and remove features on the new social web site depending if existing features prove useful or not and new features are added to WordPress/BuddyPress.

But at least it is now a workable social web site waiting for my friends and interesting people to join me there which I hope my friends join me there so I can keep up with them outside of the mainstream social networks.

Only issue I now have is with sloggers and spammers who insist on joining my social network in vain hope someone will listen to their pathetic messages. Luckily I have a wonderful plugin which stops the large majority of them in their tracks which is very entertaining especially now they are helping the hits on my site.

Those of you who wish to join me there just follow the link:

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

Please Note: If you are interested in my home page just follow the link to Experiment No. 3.

Please Note: If you are interested in my small social network just follow the link to On the Other Side!.

Scary Places on the Internet!

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What has become very clear from my experience both on and Second Life that some people are finding them very scary places because they have to actually socially interact with people on both of the said social networks!

This does highlight one major flow in modern man world over with ease of communication now modern man has lost the basic social skills we all once had to a point they are lost when they are faced with a real social situation even on a social web site.

How this situation actually happened is still a mystery to me but it could be due to a large part people spend more time at home in front of the television watching the world rather than interacting with the world itself. Add to this children now spend more time indoors either in front of a television or playing games on computers or games consults rather than actually going out and playing with other children as they did in my day.

I think this has produced a generation which are socially stunted incapable of actually holding a proper conversion with someone and it really shows in the way they talk to someone or more like they now talk at someone rather than listening to each other.

All this further exasperated by a media which encourages a shallow society which is more concerned with trivial matters than real social interaction between people. Even social networks like Facebook encourage such reactions between people nowadays.

So I should not be surprised when modern people when confronted with a real social web site, for example or Second Life they are totally lost or scared as they really do not have the social skills people like myself were taught when we were younger.

And what do they do? They run away like all modern people from something they do not understand rather than learn something new which could be potentially very useful and rewarding to themselves!

Lost in the Virtual Wilderness!

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The past few years there has been unprecedented expansion of social networks on the internet which only a few people have cottoned on to what is actually happened while a large majority of people are totally bewildered by it both young and old.

Most people who use these social networks think they understand what is going on but singularly to fail to comprehend the true nature of these social networks as a global and public phenomenon. I suspect that is because most of peoples experience of socialising is on a far more local basis.

I am from a generation which grew up before the rise of the internet and social networks when we made friends and acquaintances close to home either through school, work and pubs. We had to get out and about to actually make new friends and the such. So to the large majority of people my age and older are totally mystified by the internet and social networks in general to a point they can regard them as not being real places.

Of cause there are those my age who have realised what is happening and embraced it totally or waking up to the real possibilities of social networks though it helps we come from a times of big change ourselves.

But what does worry me is the fact surprisingly some of the so called younger generation who grew up with the internet and social networks still do not get the fact that these social networks are global and public. It is as if they still have a very local and closed view of their world and little real comprehension of the wider world around them as we had some 30 years ago.

This to myself this is very perplexing indeed and very sad but not surprising with the media culture which surrounds everyone now which tends to give a very distorted picture of the world. It tends to be less informative and not exactly encourage a global view of the world.

I also suspect that over the last decades, especially here in United Kingdom, there has been a major shift from the community to the individual in people’s attitude which has lead to some alienation of people who now live individual lives rather than a life within a community. This has really not help the younger generation as it has made them far too self centred with very few actual skills to live in a real community.

So in my view it is not surprising that the younger generation has no concept of the global world and community which sounds them. This is really highlighted in the way they interact with the various social networks in a very self centred way not realising they are global and public.

One positive thing which has come out of these social networks is it allows people to form new much needed communities which is sadly lacking in the modern world after all we humans are social animals which is something we should stop denying!

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