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A lot of what I about to say is a personal opinion and I believe shared by large minority of both people within the United Kingdom and Europe about Patriotism in general. It all comes from the way both Patriotism and Nationalism is being used and has been used in the late 20th Century by certain political groups to gain political power and perpetuate a major crimes against humanity including genocide.

Add to this the current situation here within the United Kingdom with the extreme Right-wing Parties like the British National Party and English Defence League who both blatantly use both Patriotism and Nationalism to spread their litany of hate against both Muslims and foreigners. It means people like myself now associate such views with extreme Right-wing so we are now sadly highly suspicious of the motives of patriots and nationalists in general.

This similar view is held across Europe itself as there Patriotism and Nationalism is also associated with the various extreme Right-wing parties there along with the fact that Nationalism was associated with Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany which caused WWII and responsible for the attempted genocide of the Jews because of it. Even in the recent history of Europe in what was Yugoslavia and the civil war after it break up during which certain groups used Patriotism and Nationalism to kill their neighbours.

So those outside of both United Kingdom and Europe have to understand why a large minority of people here view both Patriotism and Nationalism with a deep suspicion because of its associations and because of our history. But this does not mean I am against Patriotism and Nationalism as everyone has the right to love their country and culture but I am against them when they are used as an excuse to spread hate and fear!

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