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This is in memory of my old University of London College Queen Elizabeth College (Q.E.C.) before it was savagely merged into Kings College along with Chelsea College in the 1980s.

It was merged because of the then Conservative Governments cut back on student places and funding because again of previous Labour Governments mishandling of the economy before a recession sounds awfully familiar except this time we have a Conservative-Liberal Coalition Government.

That is nether here or there as Q.E.C. was a small college in Kensington London consisting of two main buildings which included it’s own Hall of Residence. Due to it’s size it always had a nice crowd of students who regularly talked to students talking different courses unlike the bigger colleges. It was and had a nice community spirit within the college with a more personal feel.

Originally, and still at my time, Q.E.C. was famous for its Nutrition Department though it did teach other Sciences for example Chemistry, Biology and Physics but no arts courses.

I took a Degree in Physics and Astrophysics there and got a 3rd Class Honours B.Sc. Degree. The first on my dad’s side of the family to get a degree.

I still remember my time as Q.E.C. with a mixture of great fondness and angst but would not of missed it for the world. I met good friends there, learnt a lot there and learnt what good beer and company was.

This is in memory of Queen Elizabeth College as it was a separate college of the University of London.


Please note: If want to see my second life journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.

One thing I did always find amusing written on a notice board in my room in Halls of Residence at Queen Elizabeth College, University of London which read:

Best way to survive University is to:
* Fall in love
* Go to Paris
* Win the Cricket

I did none of the above but I still survived and had a great time most of the time.

Ah, the Cricket entry does need a little explaining as it refers to the 5/6-a-side Cricket match the College had every early summer at Richmond Park in which students and lectures all were involved. I did go but all I remember of the day is sitting around with friends in the sun drinking mostly ignoring the cricket. I suspect everyone did, save the actual players, but it was a good day out.


Please note: If want to see my second life journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.