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Black Friday Madness!

Posted: 30 November, 2014 in Black Friday, Comment, Life

Just sometime you have to smile at a world which makes no real sense at times especially two days ago when people were fighting over cheap Televisions on Black Friday.

Did they not know just how sad and stupid they made themselves looked?!

After all is Television really that important in great scheme of things?

In the end yesterday was not really important day only to those people who live in a material world exclusively driven by the need to things as dictated by corporations which currently fighting to keep alive and media which also paints a picture of having things is more important than life itself once again fighting a justification for their very existence.

This to me has never made total sense as it would be nice to have enough money to live, a job I really enjoy and some nice things around me but in the end I cannot but put my own life, well being and health both physical, mentally and spiritually first.

Plus coming from a family who were never rich or poor who tended to put people before things even unconsciously it has sort of effected the way I see money and things in so much they are not the total focus of my life just something else to include in my life along with people and health.

Personally I think it is a far healthier and more balanced view of life and I am more likely to find happiness and contentment in my life in the end. Plus I tend to make more of what I actually have rather than waste money on thing I do not need.

Though this does not mean I don’t worry about money or like a little more but I have a far more pragmatic view of it and not it totally dominate or ruin my life.

As always I end up rambling here as my thoughts come out but in the end I get where I need to be and say what I want to say. As I said yesterday made me smile as people put cheap televisions before their fellow humans and looked so stupid and inhuman over an object which frankly we really do not need to live.

If it had been food and water then what happened yesterday would of made far more sense!

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