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This could be an interesting one in so much if the Russian President Mr Medvedev actually gives the developers of the Russian Open Source operating system ReactOS the 1 Million Euros they want it could be interesting times for Microsoft especially in the Russian Federation and possibly beyond.

Those of you who do not know what ReactOS is it is an Open Source operating system which is an operating system in it’s own right which can run windows programs and runs faster than Microsoft Windows especially when a PC boots up.

The question is why would the Russian President Mr Medvedev actually give such a project the time of day other than it is Russian based?

Well it seams that the Russians are now openly looking for alternative sources of software and operating systems which do not depend solely on the large American Software Corporations. It seams they are worried in putting all their eggs in one basket and depending on corporations which are based within a country which is not a quite as stable as it thinks.

Personally the Russians are doing something which needs to be done across the world in so much the development of software and operating systems should be more localised or distributed rather than depending on a small number of big corporations based in one country.

This needs to be done both to safeguard software and operating system development and to bring such development back to the grass root level where such software can once again been developed with the user in mind. The problem the way current large software corporations develop their software they are far too remote from the users they are actually developing for and too focused on making a profit at the expense of their users.

Currently Open Source community goes some way towards this but now time for the establishment to go in the same direction especially in these hard times as it save them a lot of tax payers money. Plus as I have stated before such a move would put much need injection of innovation back into the industry itself.

Just for reference the ReactOS Official Web site address is:

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