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Now it is the turn of Monzilla’s Firefox to join Ubuntu by demonstrating their new operating system for smart phones which I suspect like Ubuntu they will do a tablet version. It is certainly different to the other Smart Phone operating systems in so much it runs closer to the hardware behind it which they claim means it can use the hardware behind it even better than the other smart phone operating systems. I find this very interesting as if it true it will mean Firefox could get even more out of the hardware than the other smart phone operating systems which potentially mean more interesting and powerful apps for Firefox.

What I found so fascinating was the fact that the whole front end on top of the Firefox base was created using a mixture of HTML, CSS and javascript rather than android which potentially could mean Monzilla’d Firefox smart phones could be far more customisable than other current smart phone operating systems. Basically some one with the right knowledge could create their own smart phone front end which suits their needs which will appeal to the more geeky out there. But as always it is a double edge sword as it will mean it is easier for people to cock up their phone totally.

All I can say Monzilla’s Firefox smart phone operating system looks another exciting prospect for this year and potentially like Ubuntu could make the smart phone and tablet market for more interesting especially for those people who love to customise their user interfaces. But I don’t think they will end up dominating the market but get the big boys like Apple and Google thinking about their products. As for Microsoft’s tablet operating system this is just another nail in it’s coffin especially in Europe as it just keep rubbing in the fact Microsoft have totally failed to effectively break into the smart phone market!

The following is a clip from YouTube which shows a nice demo of the new Monzilla’s Firefox smart phone operating system: