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What a recent Ofsted report here in the United Kingdom has highlighted to myself and other like myself that religion now has no place in our schools any more especially in a multicultural and multiracial society we have here now in the United Kingdom.

I have never been totally comfortable with Schools especially in my early days at Primary School being Christian or Christian orientated as I was brought up in a family who regarded schools as a place to learn academic and useful things for my future career not religion which was something which should have been left in the likes of Sunday School not the mainstream schools.

This has been a view I have taken to may adulthood and my views have been further enforced by the recent events in Birmingham over an alleged Muslim take over of a number of schools there which may or may not have happened. Then combine this we number of other worrying trends in other schools elsewhere in the United Kingdom which are now run and funded by fundamental Christian groups some of which have connections to the Creationists in the United States I am starting to wonder if religion should be taken out of the schools totally.

From what I can see both Christian and Muslim alike by meddling in schools here in the United Kingdom have damaged our education system in a fundamental way as both groups can be accused of using schools here to indoctrinate the young of their respective communities and watering down the real job of the schools here in the United Kingdom which is to educate the next generation with academic and practical skills they need to be productive citizens in the future.

What schools are not in my view should not be places of teach people religious morals and doctrines but how to be good citizens in society in a secular way as now the young are growing up in a multicultural and multiracial society. So if anything the one thing our schools should be teaching the young is tolerance not the intolerance and bigotry religion introduces in to schools currently.

But as Always the Coalition government here rather than tackling the problem by removing religion form the schools as they should they do a knee jerk reaction both politically correct and ineffective to attempt the control of schools by so called extremists of any sort.

My personal view is we as a nation should force the government to take back the control of all schools and remove all their connections with any religion, and I mean any religion, even down to renaming the old Church of England schools to remove the Christian Saints from their names. On top of which if any Christians, Muslims even Jews want to teach their religious doctrine and culture they should be forced to do it outside of the mainstream school system at their own expense not at the states and taxpayers expense.

I know what I have said some people may find a little extreme and it is not said because I am Agnostic Atheist but because as someone who believes in the purity of learning not being watered down or twisted by inappropriate religious doctrine which frankly has no real place any more in our modern society here in the United Kingdom!

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