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It is a day of mixed feelings today as our first woman PM died today, one Margaret Thatcher, with all the usual politeness and not speak ill of the dead here.

But regardless of your point of view what no one can take from her is the singular fact she was our first woman PM here in the United Kingdom at a time our society was still male dominated and suffering from the legacy of the early 20th Century attitudes towards women actually working.

She fought against a male dominated society and not only won but stamped her own mark on whole of the political landscape of the United Kingdom but it has to be tempered by the fact she part of a long line of strong English women through history which included Queen Elizabeth I.

My personal view of her is that as PM she was over rated as she and the Conservative party she lead then was responsible for lot of the woes and problems in our current society. In so much encouraging the individual over society, rocking prices of utilities because of their government’s brilliant idea of privatising the utility companies and finally her government encouraged the more sharper practices of the Banks which ultimately lead to the credit crunch!

But love or hate her Margaret Thatcher has already made her place in History and none can take that from her.