Archive for the ‘’ Category is one of those things which I fall in and out of love with depending on my mood at the time. It is one of these useful little web site things which gives you a simple to create web page which sort of reflects your own identity on the internet.

It is meant to be simple, small and concise as that is the very essence of and the way it conveys your identity on the web. After all it is a far more effective way to grab people’s attention with something which is small and direct to the point much like if you meet someone face to face. After all we all do it make up our minds on the first impression when we meet someone the first time. is not perfect as it, much like most software of it’s ilk, has both a limited free version and all singing paid version which is much more customizable. My only real complaint with free version the owners of have got far stingy over the years with what they give away in so much the quality of Statistics page in the free version has got worse over time I have been using them.

But other than these minor gripes and the fact I keep falling in and out of love with it depending on my mood and views at the time it certainly does what it claimed very effectively and elegant way. Plus it is certainly easy to use even if you are not a geek or ubergeek as I claim I am sometimes in moments of weakness. can be found on the web at definitely worth a look and play with if just for fun.

And my personal profiles, I have two as I both have a real and virtual me on the internet, can be found for real self at and my virtual self at

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