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Today Anybeat closes but not under a cloud of sadness but as a great testament to it’s founders who created an on-line community which will survive it’s closure and beyond.

Those of us who found Anybeat have found it to be a rare social networks which actually encouraged it’s members to socialize in a real way on real subjects unlike the large majority of other social networks on the internet which discouraged such interaction between it members. The biggest example being Twitter’s open suppression of #athiestrollcore tag just in case it offending it more sensitive Christian members.

But this singular fact made Anybeat into a real living on-line community which was both very vibrant, entertaining and innovative something which now rarely exists in the so called real world, a community so strong that it will exist even after Anybeat has gone. It felt like an on-line home from home to a large majority of it’s members who felt very comfortable to express and argue their opinions without judgement and prejudiced shown in the rest of the world.

What Anybeat has shown is that people of this Earth of ours actually want back are the real communities which have sadly been lost because of our modern world and living. It has also shown where the major on-line social networks, for example Facebook, MySpace, Google+ and even Twitter, have gone wrong in so much they have singularly failed to encourage a sense of community but focused on themselves not the users which have created by shallow and empty social networks, more an accessory than an actual social network.

I know Anybeat in it’s short life time has touched more people in a more profound way than any other such social network and it’s effects will be felt for a long time in the on-line social network world as it has shown they way on-line social networks should go. It will not be forgotten especially by those who were brave enough to take the journey on Anybeat.

In conclusion today should not be a day of sadness but a day of celebration of what Anybeat and it’s founders have created a vibrant, living and intellectual on-line community which both the founders and members of Anybeat should be very proud of. An on-line community which will grow and develop outside of Anybeat a real testament for all of us involved.

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I have to both smile and feel very sad at the same time at those people who find Anybeat and look around and say things like ‘Is this it?’ or ‘Are there any hint or tips how to use Anybeat?’.

For those of you who do not know what Anybeat is it is a Social Network which purely focuses purely on socialising and discussions on a wide range of topics without the distraction of games, advertising and the such.

This makes Anybeat something that makes the likes of Facebook and Google+ are not a real social network on which people can both socialise, find new friends and actually have real conversions about real subject without being chastised by other people on the social network.

But this does really confuse some people who find Anybeat with experience of other social networks like Facebook who find a social network without anything other than time line of statuses, a public square in which people have discussions and nothing else. This singular fact seemingly totally confuses or throws them!

I have ask the question why?

Because is that what a Social Network supposed to be a place where people actually talk to each other as real people do?

Do they not remember how to have conversions any more?

Do they not remember how to socialize any more?

Do they not remember how to discuss a topic with other people any more?

It seems that a large number of people in our modern world have forgotten just how to be a human being or they have failed to grasp the basic concept that people can have social interactions over the Internet itself.

This is a sad symptom of our modern world and life which encourages people not to be social because of the media which surrounds us which spreads fear and hate of others rather than focusing on the real issues of our lives. Add to this a society which now encourages people to be selfish, self-centred and that winning is more important than anything else.

So in the end that some people who find Anybeat are totally lost by it and highly likely they will never understand it because of the result of the world we have created around ourselves!

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Well it has been a month I’ve been on Anybeat and so far I have been very impressed by it as a social web site in so much it is not cluttered with distractions like games and companies and actively encourages real discussions on topics which would be regarded as taboo elsewhere. This is more than anything makes Anybeat a real breath of fresh air which is much needed in this world of ours.

The only other place on the internet like Anybeat which has made me feel so welcome and comfortable from the start was Second Life which I have been there for last 6 years and gained my friends now of which are also my so called real life friends.

So at the moment I have high hopes for Anybeat as being another place to socialise on the internet and to meet and interact with interesting people.

Finally the one thing that put on the icing on the cake as far as Anybeat is that they will welcome Second Life Avatars with open arms and no worry about the fact their names are not real but correspond to an Avatar in the real world.

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Recently I’ve jointed one of the first real alternatives for Facebook called Anybeat as Google+ before it ended up an exact clone of Facebook with some nice features but the same attitude to it users as Facebook which was poor to say the least.

Anybeat has a potential to be a real Social Web Site as long as they avoid the pitfalls of both Facebook and Google+ before them in so much they focus on social side rather than the collection of data on behalf of big companies and pointless games. Both such activities really devalue the said sites as social web Sites.

As long as Anybeat do not stray far from their current beta version I see it’s future as a real social web site but sadly in our modern world it will next reach the leaves of Facebook simply because the large majority of modern people have simply forgotten how to socialise on a basic fundamental level!

So like Google+ I start on another journey on yet another social web site ever hopeful this time I have found a real social web site outside of Second Life which already getting there.

So with hope another journey starts!

Please note: If want to see my second life journal then go to the Journal of a Spectral Traveller.