Ubuntu Loses to Debian Again!

Posted: 6 May, 2015 in Computer, Linux, Operating System

As the current Linux distribution, Crunchbang, I am using has come to the end of it’s life I have had to change my Linux to a distribution which has a longer life time. So started the search for a new distribution which included a light desktop and a stable Linux behind it which as always runs the Second Life Viewers with little and no issues.

Once again I had to go through a number of Linux distributions which were based on either Ubuntu or Debian as they were most likely to do what I needed them to do. This time much to my surprised I ended up with Debian 8 with a LXDE desktop and not some obscure Linux distribution as the Debian/LXDE combination turned out to be a fast and stable Linux on my hardware.

But one thing which came out again as last time the Linux distributions based on Ubuntu failed to be up to scratch as they certainly were easy to set up and use but it failed to run any Second Life Viewers correctly either not displaying some special characters or even playing music in world.

I should of not been surprised in the end as Ubuntu may tell everyone it is the major Linux distribution even to a point it now associates itself with the likes of Microsoft and Dell but, and it is a big but, it is far from the best Linux distribution out there. If anything it is one of the most bloated and least stable Linux distribution out there.

Add to this regardless of some bad press Debian is still one of the better and more stable Linux distributions out there and those of us who regularly use Linux have already found this fact out over the past few years.

Plus for those people who want to run the major Second Life Viewers on Linux the only Linux distributions which they run consistently with least trouble are those Linux distributions based up on Debian. Also helps that it seams the people developing the Second Life Viewers use Debian based Linux distributions.

Once again Ubuntu lost out to Debian my end!

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