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Once again I am world building for a role-playing game again as the recent purchase of the 13th Age Role-Playing has inspired me to write again for role-playing games. As always it is a good exercise for my creativity and imagination as it always gets me thinking in more positive and creative ways.

Though role-playing has given me a good focus for something I have done since I was a child that is create worlds inside my imagination sometimes resulted in myself drawing things from these worlds when younger. Something which as I grew older I stopped doing as so called more adult things took up more of my time.

Role-Playing gave me a means as an adult to indulge in this childhood passion for creating imaginary worlds again but this time I could use the worlds within role-playing itself so they get a life of their own.

Though as always I used a core of an idea from elsewhere but modified it to suit my own brand of creativity and imagination which certainly make the worlds easier to run as role-playing game backgrounds as with better idea how the world works always helps.

Currently I have a number of worlds orbiting in my mind most of which are currently only partly written fragments of worlds but very clear ideas inside my mind and these include:

Bubbles in the Quantum Static, not a world as such but a background to connect all my worlds together as a common theme that runs through them all. The Quantum Static being the space between the Universes which appear as bubbles which float there. It is the home of the Pattern Masters an extra-planar humanoids who can create Universes.

Hampshire by Day and Night, a nearly complete World of Darkness background originally created for a Live Role-Playing Game which never took place. It is based around Hampshire with a Mage bias with heavy presence of both Tradition and Technocracy Mages.

Metroplex Europe, a far future world in which humanity has been forced to live in giant sealed Metroplexes because of a universe wise virus called Apocalypse Virus which changed very DNA of it’s victims usually with fatal results. It is a very grim view of a future with some hope as the Earth outside has recovered but the masters of the Metroplex are hiding the fact to keep their power over the people and their lives of luxury intact.

The Sapphire Empire, a 13th Age World based heavily on the Dragon Empire as given within the 13th Age Core Rulebook and modified so I can run it more comfortably and with more confidence as I will know more about the world because I changed it to suit my style of storytelling.

Void Jammers, a fantasy come steampunk space opera originally written for Radiance Role-Playing system which is based in a region of the Void, called the Ten Thousand Worlds, where void wide empires ply the space ways in magic driven space craft called Void Jammers. It is a larger than life space opera background where fantasy meets steampunk head on to create a wondrous world.

One day I will finish the work on these world to a point they will be in workable and playable state though I will have hours of fun getting there in the meanwhile.
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