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After over a week of actually finding a Linux which would works with Laptop which originally ran with Windows 7 it has become very apparent that Hardware, rightly or wrongly, optimise their machines for Windows only and most definitely use very cheap components considering the problems I encountered installing Linux on the laptop in question.

From my experience not all Linux distributions can boot up on commercial shop brought laptop so it is always a matter of finding a distribution which actually boots up. This makes a simple job harder and limits the choice of Linux distributions to major ones like Ubuntu and Linux Mint which are not always the best choices for the more serious Linux users.

Add to this installing a Linux distribution highlighted the fact that in an effort of making cheap computers manufactures have cut corners in their choice of hardware choosing not the best but generic components. As Linux in general uses the hardware better than Windows it is very good at highlighting poor hardware, some people will see this as a failing of Linux but personally it is a bonus as in the end you get the most out of your hardware.

In the end the whole exercise of loading a Linux distribution on a commercial laptop highlighted just how focused the manufactures of hardware are putting all their eggs in one basket as far as Operating Systems only seeing Windows. Plus just how they produce such cheap laptops by cutting corners in the components they use to build their laptops which is also highlighted by the amount of hardware failures some laptops now have.

Personally I think the hardware manufactures in the end are limiting their options and letting down their customers with poor quality hardware which frankly is not needed any more as the price of quality components has dropped.

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