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Here in United Kingdom we have the potential disruption of a strike by Tanker Drivers over health and safety issues not pay as it looks like the major Fuel Distribution companies have been trying to cut corners which frankly not surprising in these hard times as they are very good at cutting of their noses to spite their faces.

This always has always caused fuel shortages on forecourts not due to the fact that fuel supplies are actually short as no strike has really been long enough to cause such problems but caused by a large majority of the General Public who selfishly fill up their fuel tanks out of panic that they will not have enough fuel and cause the shortages by their actions.

Basically these people both show their gross stupidity and selfishness and sadly the minority cannot say they are bunch of idiots as they really will not see it as they cannot see the world beyond their own noses. I know a harsh thing to say but it has to be said!

Then add to this situation, considering the Tanker Drivers may never strike as they are in talks, the irresponsible remarks of a number of Coalition United Kingdom Government Ministers who told firstly told the general public to prepare for the strike by telling them to fill up jerry cans then telling the general public to keep their fuel tanks full only if half full just in case!

There is nothing like causing a panic in the general public who strangely have panic brought and caused a fuel shortage in a number of areas in United Kingdom basically by their remarks they made a whole situation worse than it actually is as I have pointed out earlier if none panic buys there would be no fuel storages directly caused by the tanker strike, ironically the Government here is preparing the armed forces to keep the fuel going exactly what they should be doing!

The Ministers in question and Government as a whole should be taken to task and have the balls to actually apologise for their comments and mistakes both to the tanker drivers and those members of the public which they are inconvenience by their remarks.

But typically they will find a way to get out of apologies and produce a whole lot of spin they meant to do it in the public interest but a large minority of us out there really will not believe them and remember their mistake for a long time to come!

In conclusion I ask both United Kingdom PM and Government as a whole to have the balls to apologise as everyone will see you in a better light not as a typical bunch of liars and incompetents as most United Kingdom Governments have looked in the past!

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