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After over a year of really producing one of the fastest browsers for the internet Opera has finally shots itself in the foot again with it version 11 which has gone back to the old days of Opera!

Opera is back to being one of the slowest and least reliable browsers again which is such a shame after the sterling work they have done over the past years. But this is a common problem with browser writers in general, including those who write Firefox, they constantly tweak the browser and add new even better features which in the end quickly degrades their usefulness and performance.

I’ve had to go back to Google Chrome which is still fast but the current front end is like all Google software far from being elegant if anything very bland. Google may be good at what they do but any software they create always looks as if an amateur has written the software.

But at least with all these problems I was not forced back to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which dubiously still has the title of the slowest, most unusable and insecure web browser in the world!


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