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At the start of this week after talking to a Microsoft Rep at work about their Windows 8 Operating System and the current problems my partner is having with Windows Vista reminded what was wrong with both Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems is that they are not invisible!

Now you may think this is a strange thing to say but if you think about what the operating system should be actually doing in so much it is a frame work and user interface to make a computer in to a productive and creative tool. So in actual fact on a computer an operating system should fade into the background in so much it is easy to use and only maintenance which needed to be done on it are routine and automatic tasks which should run in the background with little or not disturbance to the user using it.

Both Microsoft Window’s and Apples Operating Systems fail on both counts in so much both are high maintenance operating systems which need constant tweaks to keep going at their optimum performance and both are extremely vulnerable to errors and malware, just Apple is better at hiding such things.

The upshot of which the user has to waste more time both just maintaining the operating system and fixing a constant stream of bugs and security problems both operating systems throw up constantly. All this eats into the time the user could be productive and create and defeat the whole point of an operating system that is to fade in to the background.

But as I keep saying both Microsoft and Apple have both hyped up the importance of their operating systems but both simply do not deliver operating systems which are usable, stable and low maintenance which unnecessary dominate the users time in maintenance and issued caused by the said operating systems.

But as always the large majority of users out there are blinded by the advertising and propaganda produced both by Microsoft and Apple and far too lazy or apathetic to look elsewhere or force both companies to actually produce decent operating system!

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Apple on the Road to Nowhere!

Posted: 3 September, 2012 in Apple, Comment, Computer

Once again Apple are suing Samsung yet again over patents in the US and now it is striking me that it is now a blatant attempt by Apple to destroy the Android market by attacking it major player Samsung!

What Apple is doing is morally wrong on so many levels as it has no right to waste US court time on a battle with another company rather than use the market place where their battles should be fought!

Plus what gives Apple the right to determine just what we as a consumer should buy and I think this is not lost on the Far East consumer.

In the end if Apple continues to follow this course it will lose in the end especially in the Far East which frankly the market it needs to expand and their current actions will result in consumers there not buying Apple products any more as Apple are suing likes of Samsung. Consumers in the Far East unlike most Europeans and Americans are far more loyal to companies who produce products in their own country.

Add to this a general underlying worldwide anti-US sentiments Apple’s actions just confirms and validates this sentiment in a lot of people outside of the US. I do suspect that Apple’s actions against Samsung especially in South Korea will become a political hot potato as governments will eventually accuse Apple of anticompetitive action within their markets and they will take action against the company.

All this shows that Apple, like Microsoft, has a very over inflated view of it’s importance in the Computer World. Personally in my view Apple is still an overly expensive minor player in Computer World who only gets away with it’s actions through good advertising and a mystique which surrounds the company.

Myself since using Linux now I would not spend money on Apple products as their mystique and functionality does not impress me any more.

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