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The press in the west especially in the United Kingdom and United States have simply become lazy, driven by sensationalism and openly manipulated not by governments but very rich businessmen with their own political agendas, the most notable being Rupert Murdoch.

Over the last decades it must not of gone unnoticed by people like myself that the standards and integrity of the press as a whole has slowly slipped to a point it now only reports stories which it thinks people want to hear and sells rather than decades ago stores which actually informed us what was actually going on in the world.

As recently here in the United Kingdom with the phone tapping scandal at the News Corp owned papers here, strangely owned by Rupert Murdoch, implies that the whole culture of the press and it journalists, which here was held in high regard, has slipped into a culture of getting a story at any cost then only the stories which dish the dirt on famous people.

It also highlighted the press, even in the United Kingdom, is more concerned with trivial matters of the world that with lives of celebrities and the very rich while only skimming over the real important stories of the world including the plight of peoples caught in wars, famine or economic problems which are none of their doing.

In the West the press has become the mouth piece of those who are actually in power that is media moguls and very rich, not the governments, who blatantly manipulate the press to increase their influence and power both politically and socially. It does not take much digging to notice this as Rupert Murdoch and his family have been doing this for years in the United States, Australia and even United Kingdom and I am staggered that only few have actually got up and said anything about this blatant manipulation openly and most of the public accept this as normal.

Much like the rest of the West’s capitalism the press is more concerned with making money, keeping it’s share holders happy and increasing the power of it’s owners both politically and socially than actually reporting the news the truth about what is going on in the world.

The saddest part of all this the general public both here in the United Kingdom and in the United States seam not to care they are being fed a twisted truth and view of the world which centres celebrities and very rich who frankly give little to humanity or society in general unlike scientists, doctors and the such.

Plus there will be those reading this will think this all a bit of paranoia and clap trap on my part but all I suggest to these people is step back and actually look as what the press tells you it is very eye opening indeed and stop burying your heads in the ground in the hope it will go away and does not exists!

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