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2013 a Year of Change!

Posted: 2 January, 2013 in 2013, Comment, Computer

It really looks like 2013 is going to be a year of change as far as computers are concerned driven both by the user and industry itself and we have already seen the starts of this change at the end of 2012 at Christmas.

In so much this Christmas the general public brought Computer Tablets rather than Laptops especially here in the United Kingdom which has not gone unnoticed by both the Computer Retailers and Industry alike. It looks like the general public here have cotton on to the fact that the Tablets actually do what they need in so much content consumption on the internet for a fraction of a cost of a laptop or desktop.

This is exactly what Tablets were designed for which is internet content consumption and exactly what the large majority of the computer users out there only need. You might say it is a marriage made in heaven which will has not gone unnoticed by the Computer Industry who now speeding out more innovative designs of tablets and laptops.

What does mean and has become more evident this Christmas the sales of the more traditional Laptops and Desktops have fallen dramatically dropped and I suspect this fall will continue to happen over this year. But I do not suspect that Laptops and Desktops will totally disappear but will become a more niche market as the more serious business users, gamers and hobbyists will still need such computers as frankly Tablets cannot do the job they want to do.

I do not see this as a bad thing but something which will add a new life to a flagging Computer Market as the Manufactures and Software Creators find new ways to take advantage of the wider base of hardware ranging from Smart phones to high end Desktops and their integration between them.

Though I suspect this change in the Computer Market along with the indifferent attitude of Microsoft especially within the United Kingdom will mean that Windows 8 is not going to be the great success Microsoft thought it was going to be if anything could be a serious mistake as laptops and desktops are used more and more by more serious users and more normal users drift towards Tablets. This will because the more serious users demand more out of their computers which frankly Windows 8 cannot give such a user.

These users are finding Windows 8 difficult to use and with viable alternatives now available will turn away from Windows even the Computer Manufactures are recognising this fact and now are developing laptops and desktops specifically for more serious users and developers which use more usable operating systems including Linux distributions like Ubuntu.

I really think 2013 is going to see a big change within the Computer Industry as a whole from the humble home user to high end business users which will spell the start of the end of the domination of Apple and Microsoft and rise of Android and Linux as the nature of the modern computing world changes because of the advent of tablets and inaction of the major players to adapt to the market.

In conclusion 2013 could both be an pivotal time and an exciting time to be associated with Computer Industry in any form.