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Reap What you Sow!

Posted: 14 September, 2012 in Comment, Freedom of Speech

This week yet another unthinking American produced a video on YouTube which caused offence to the Muslim community in the Middle East yet again. Then some American’s fail to understand the reaction of some of the Muslim Militants in the Middle East which sadly included the death of an American official in Libya.

But considering the general reaction of a small minority of Muslim Militants who have knack of in sighting people in the Middle East when ever someone in the West produces something which is offensive to their brand of the Muslim religion. Add to this the previous reactions these Muslims have had to material which offended Mohammed produced in Europe which included death threats and threats of holy wars it is not surprising to us in Europe and we treat it with a big pinch of salt it deserves!

Basically if you produce material which these Muslim Militants deem offensive to their brand of Muslin religion you should expect a violent reaction from them which includes flag burning and sadly physical violence against the representatives of the countries which are the source of the offence.

What makes the American thing even worse is the arrogance of some Americans who believe that their right of freedom of speech gives them the right to offend others including there beliefs, morals and even politics. But what they always forget that the freedom of speech has to always be tempered with a respect of other people even if we believe what they are doing doing is wrong.

It is always a fine line those of us who have the right of freedom of speech which has to always be tempered with a respect of our fellow human beings or the right of freedom of speech becomes abuse of other peoples human rights.

Basically the Freedom of Speech may be basic human right but does also carry a great responsibility not to be abused by those who have the right!

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