Me a New Guru?

Posted: 2 June, 2015 in Computer, Linux, Linux Mint, Operating System

I have never seen myself as a Guru or even someone anyone even listen to what I say or even take it seriously. Why do I say this?

Well I was talking to a Polish customer at work whose old laptop was running slow but still fully functioning and I suggested be replace the Windows on this laptop with Linux Mint using xfce desktop. All so he could save money and get more life out of this old equipment as anyone who uses Linux knows.

The customer did what I suggested and loaded Linux Mint with xfce desktop and after the usual learning curve and minor issues when starting use Linux in anger. He also asked me few questions at the start but seamed to get on with the change over to Linix from Windows.

I saw the said customer recently and they told me they loved Linux and wondered why they had not done the change a long time ago. It sort of says it all that if someone is brave enough to change from Windows to Linux especially now will find their whole experience with computers in general will become fun again and not a chore as Windows seams to make it.

As said me as a new guru seams a new experience for me but those of us who use Linux keep pointing out that Linux is easy to use and lot less hassle than Windows and one person listens and takes the plunge. The people in question will tell others and spread the word of Linux slowly but surely.

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  1. truthspew says:

    I haven’t tried Linux Mint since I’ve been mostly in the Debian/Ubuntu world.

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