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Once again talking to a Windows user at work, who even in jest, claimed that Open Source software was not as good even inferior to brought software created by the large Computer Corporations regardless of the fact they use Open Source every day both at work and when they surf the internet even when they use their smart phone.

Add to this regardless of the fact I have been using purely Open Source software from operating system to packages for over a year and I have done as much if more on the computer than the average computer user. That is I am running my own web server hosting my own web site, one blog even cloud and I can even run Icecast server on the same server.

Then this is still not enough to convince some Window Users who still live under the misconception, regardless of the fact there are large number of people like myself out there use use Open Source everyday, that Open Source is not as good or usable as Corporation written Software.

It is as if they have been brainwashed by the big Corporations and an Establishment to believe that Open Source is useless, unusable and does not do what it claims to do. Once again regardless of the fact they use Open Source everyday themselves with a lot of success.

I should not be surprised by this reaction from core of Computer users who have recently gone through the education system or work environment here in United Kingdom in the past decades which has been heavily influenced by the big American Corporations to a point their propaganda machine keeps a tight control here.

So in the end here in the United Kingdom is full of Window Users who ended up with a closed minds towards anything which not produced by a Software Corporation to a point they will not even try anything else or even consider an alternatives.

Sadly the Window users have fallen into the same trap as Apple users believing their way of doing things is only way to do things and both Windows and Apple users end up accepting poorly written, expensive software with all the problems as normal state of affairs.

Rather than those more enlightened users, not necessarily pure Open Source users, who realised that computing can be far more open and it is better to use the appropriate software and operating systems for their purposes and needs which includes Windows, Apple and even Linux.

The irony in all this these enlightened and more open minded computer users, like myself, end up with a far more positive experience of computing and far more productive even more creative than those close minded Windows Users who continue to labour under the misconception their way is the only way to do things.

In the end people like myself will continue to prove them wrong by our actions even if they are not prepared to open their minds, ears even eyes. Plus people like myself will eventually move forward as we will end up using our computers far more effectively.

So in the end my actions say far more about me as does their continued closed minds say about them as people.

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